QuickBooks update error 15102 : resolve them

Easy Steps to Fix QuickBooks Error 15102

QuickBooks is accounting software that helps small and middle sizes businesses to handle bookkeeping and finances. This application can automatically calculate and run payroll as you need. But, you may face an error while downloading the payroll updates and that error is QuickBooks update error 15102. The QuickBooks Basic Payroll, QuickBooks Standard Payroll, QuickBooks Enhanced Payroll, or the QuickBooks Assisted Payroll can calculate each employee’s gross pay and the net pay. It tracks all the tax liabilities so no one can miss out. 

So here we discuss the methods to resolve QuickBooks error code#15102 that is encountered on your system while the user downloading payroll or the QuickBooks Desktop Updates

QuickBooks Error 15102

This error occurs on your device when the user trying to download a payroll or update QuickBooks Desktop. Whenever this error occurs on your system you may receive an error message on your screen like “Error 15102: Failed to reset update”. QuickBooks payroll update needs many system requirements to complete such as the proper functioning internet connection, Windows Administration rights, and the access to update the file download locations. 

Symptoms of Error 15102

Below are some points that help you to figure out the symptoms of QuickBooks update error #15102. If you find any symptoms then you need to fix this issue:-

  • When the user tries to update the payroll and that goes unsuccessful with an error message appears on the screen. 
  • When you failed to download the update for the QuickBooks payroll subscription service. 
  • If your system is running sluggishly. 
  • If the QuickBooks get freeze every time for seconds and you may receive an error message on your display. 

Causes of QuickBooks Error 15102

There are some common reasons behind QuickBooks error 15102 appearing on your device:-

  • When the user has turned on the Shared download, but the location that downloaded is either not accessible or invalid.
  • If the multi-user mode is activated and the QuickBooks is in the terminal server environments. 
  • The users do not have proper rights to access the QuickBooks with administrator rights on windows vista.  
  • When the users are not using the latest version of the software. 
  • Firewall settings can prevent the update process when they perceive the update as a security thread. 
  • The user has to log in as an administrator when they running Windows Vista otherwise this error can appear on your system. 
  • When the installation of the QuickBooks is damaged and incomplete
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Important Points to Remember before Fixing Error Code

If you can open the QuickBooks Desktop then follow the below steps:-

  1. Update Your QuickBooks Desktop

  • Move to the QuickBooks Desktop and open it. 
  • Then, open Help > Update QuickBooks Desktop.
  • After that, choose the Update Now tab from the top and Get Updated. 

     2. Download Latest Released Payroll Tax Table

  • Firstly, open the QuickBooks
  • Then, go to the Employees menu and then click on Get payroll updates
  • Now, search the Download entire updates and select it. 
  • At last, you have to select the Download Latest Updates

Methods to Resolve this Error 15102

The user has to follow all the methods mentioned below correctly to troubleshoot QuickBooks update error 15102 in simple ways:-

Method 1- Make Sure that the Location of the Mapped file is Correct

QuickBooks error code#15102 : update QuickBooks

  • Firstly, you have to open the Product Information Windows by pressing Ctrl+1. Then, search for the location path and note it. 
  • Then, go to Choose> Update QuickBooks. 
  • Now, click on the OPerations and make sure that information is given in the download location will be not wrong. 
  • If the download is active (set to yes), the drive-in both download location and product information will be the same. 
  • And, if the download is active(set to no), the drive-in both the download location and the QuickBooks Desktop installation directory will be the same. 
  • when the user finds out that the location is wrong then you need to charge the set location. And then you have to select and follow the following options below:-
    • When the Yes option has opted for Shared Download then, opt NO and then
    • When the No option has opted for Shared Download then, opt Yes. 
  • At last, you have to close and download the tax table of the latest released from QuickBooks. 

Method 2- Remap the Drive

  • Firstly, you have to shut down the QuickBooks Desktop and the company file. 
  • Reroute the network drive to new. 
  • Then, use the new drive letter which you created and access the company file from there. 
  • Now, you have to click on Help and then update QuickBooks
  • Move to the shared download and turn it off and then turn it on again. 
  • Then, make sure that the user uses the downloaded locations of the newly mapped drive letter. 
  • Click on the save button and then close it. 
  • At last, go to QuickBooks and download the latest version of the tax table. 
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Method 3- Single User Mode

QuickBooks update error #15102 : single user mode

If you are using the multi-user mode then you have to switch it to the multi-user mode by following the below-mentioned steps:-

  • Login to the QuickBooks Desktop. 
  • Then, you have to go to the menu tab and click on the File.
  • Now, search for the switch to the single-user mode in the drop-down. 
  • At last, click on the switch to single-user mode to switch user. 

Method 4- Run QuickBooks As Admin

QuickBooks error 15102 : run as admin

  • Go to the Start menu and click on the QuickBooks Desktop. 
  • Now, move to the Run as Admin option and click on it. 
  • When a UAC (User Account Control) prompt occurs on your screen then click on the continue button to start the software. 
  • Then, you have to reset the QuickBooks Updates. 

Winding Up!

The above article is about the QuickBooks update Error 15102 and how to resolve this error. There are some following methods mentioned that easily fix this QuickBooks Error from your device. If you experience any other issue or error on your system then you can visit our other articles to troubleshoot them.