Quickbooks Error 6000 80: Quick Fixation Steps (Full Guide)

Quickbooks Error 6000 80: 5 Quick Methods To Resolve – [Solved]

The benefits of the financial software Quickbooks could be easily understood by the simple fact that this powerful software assists the company to manage accounting, bookkeeping, and various other tasks in the simplest of ways. But these features can’t hide the drawbacks like technical glitches, errors, and bugs. QuickBooks Error 6000 80 is one such error that users experience when they are attempting to access a company file. The nagging error occurs when the software fails to communicate with your company file.

Error 6000 80 comes under the category of 6000 series which is related to the company file problems in the software. It is obvious that, when you can’t open your company file, your crucial tasks hang in between as most of the work is related to the company files only. This error not only wastes your time but also causes you severe loss. Therefore, fixing this error is an utmost priority. In this power-packed post, we will discuss Quickbooks error code 6000 80 in detail, factors responsible for this issue, symptoms, and proven troubleshooting steps to fix it instantly.

Quickbooks Error 6000 80: All Explained

Quickbooks Error 6000 80: All Explained

Quickbooks 6000 80 is basically a software error that occurs when you give a command to the software to open the company file but QuickBooks shows an error on the computer screen due to some glitches. You can also face this error during the installation of the program, while the software program is simultaneously running in your background. You can’t check your transaction record and there is a risk of data loss also.

This troublesome error restricts you and your workflow as your business. After getting this error, you come across the following error code message on your screen:

Quickbooks Error 6000 80: Factors Responsible  

Quickbooks Error 6000 80

It is equally important to learn the causes of Quickbooks Error 6000 80 as it helps you in applying correct solutions and avoiding an error in the future. The different factors responsible for this error are listed below:

  • Slow and sluggish Internet speed.
  • Corrupt TLG file.
  • QuickBooks installation file is corrupt.
  • A firewall is obstructing the communication between the software and the server.
  • Damaged company file.
  • Numerous system/multiple users are acting as a host for QuickBooks file(s).
  • The network connection is configured improperly.

Now that you know, what is Quickbooks Error -6000. -80 and its causes, let’s learn the solutions to fix it.

Proven Methods to Fix Quickbooks Error 6000 80

This error is super frustrating but with some technical aid, you can easily repair it in no time. The methods mentioned below are sufficient enough to fix your problem. 

Method 1: Download and Install QuickBooks Company File Diagnostic Tool (For Single Users Only)

Download and Install QuickBooks Company File Diagnostic Tool (For Single Users Only)

To use this incredible tool, follow the steps below:

  • First of all, visit Intuit site, then download and install “QuickBooks Company File Diagnostic Tool.”
  • Locate it to an accessible location.
  • After that, run the diagnostic tool by tapping on the downloaded file.
  • If the QBs Company File Diagnostic Tool identifies the damage but doesn’t fix them, you have two options:-
    • Make the QB company file backup and after that restore it.
    • Now, restore the data using Auto Data Recovery.
  • You can also easily share the data with the team of Intuit’s Data Recovery and ask them to retrieve it. 
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Method 2: Copy The QBs Files to your Local Drive

Copy The QBs Files to your Local Drive

  • You can Copy the company backup file having a .qbb extension. You can repeat this with the company file having a .qbw extension to a hard drive.
  • After that, update or restore the QBs Company files backup.
  • In the end, copy the restored/updated company file to its original folder.
  • Now check, if the error is successfully repaired or not.

Method 3: Using the QuickBooks Connections Diagnostic Tool

QuickBooks Connections Diagnostic Tool

The QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool helps to identify and repair the Quickbooks 6000 80. It is effective when applied in the Multi-User mode.

  • First of all, open your browser and download the QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool.
  • After completing the download, tap on the file (downloaded) to open it.
  • Now, you have to tap on “I Agree” in order to accept the Terms & Conditions. This step will initiate the installation procedure.
  • After that, Installation Wizard instructions will pop up on the screen.
  • Once done, tap on the newly created icon/folder to run the software. Now the tool will detect the issue automatically. After that, If you see a green color checkmark then your internet connectivity is good to access the QuickBooks file.
  • If the Quickbooks Error Code 6000 80 is still bothering you then follow the next advanced method.

Method 4: Updating Quickbooks

Updating Quickbooks

This step is the easiest one to apply. When you update the software, it involves more bug fixes, tools, and features that increase the efficiency of the application. Here’s how to update the Quickbooks software both manually and automatically:

  • First of all, open Quickbooks.
  • Reach out to “Help” then choose “Update QuickBooks Desktop.”
  • Now, navigate to the tab of “Update Now.” Pro Tip: You can also choose the checkbox of “Reset Update” to remove all old update downloads.
  • After that, choose “Get Updates.” to initiate the download process.
  • After the download concludes, restart QuickBooks.
  • If prompted, agree to the option of “Install the latest release.”
Way to Schedule Automatic Updates For Future

Way to Schedule Automatic Updates For Future

In case, you don’t wish to download updates right now, then you can always plan them to download further. The steps are:

  • First of all, open Quickbooks.
  • Reach out to the “Help” option then choose “Update QuickBooks Desktop.”
  • Now, tap on “Options.”
  • Choose “Yes” to start the automatic updates. 
  • Select Close.

After these steps, QuickBooks software download updates automatically the moment they’re available.

Way to Perform Manual Updates

Download the current updates:

  • Exit from your company files as well as QuickBooks.
  • Then, tap on “Start” on the windows.
  • Look for QuickBooks Desktop and tap right on the icon. Then choose “Run as administrator.”
  • Now “No Company Open” window will open, reach out to the “Help” option then choose “Update QuickBooks Desktop.”
  • Tap on “Options” and choose “Mark All”  then tap on Save.
  • After that, reach out to the tab of “Update Now” and select the checkbox of “Reset Update.”
  • Select “Get Updates.”

After you finish the update finishes, exit and reopen the QuickBooks software. Tap on “Yes” to install the current updates and restart the computer.  

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Method 5: Manually Fixing the QuickBooks Error 6000 80

Quickbooks Error 6000 80

An alternative to fix Quickbooks Error 6000 80 is troubleshooting it manually.

  • First of all, check, that you own appropriate permissions to open a QBs company file.
  • Now you need to scan your company files to identify and repair the data damages.
  • Then open your company file to check if the company file’s location is damaged.
  • Make an attempt to access a different file to check if the error exists within your QBs company file.
  • Confirm your computers’ hosting.
  • In the end, check for the inconsistencies between the QBs file and firewall to fix this error.

Final Words

We truly hope that you got all answers and details about Quickbooks Error 6000 80 in this informative post. Here, we have discussed the error in detail and also the proven steps to fix it instantly. We believe that this post is sufficient enough to fix your problem. However, if you feel the need for guidance while performing any solution mentioned above then feel free to contact the support team of Quickbooks. The experts are 24×7 available for you to help with the best assistance. With this, we finally conclude our article here, but you can stay in our touch by sharing your experience and tips in the comments section to help other readers.