QuickBooks Error Code 15271

How to Erase QuickBooks Update Error 15271?

QuickBooks is the most desired accounting software to maintain financial activities. This single pack of the software handles almost every complex task of a business book on its own without any wrong measurement. Despite this, users often face some technical as well as functional issues, called QuickBooks errors. One such error is QuickBooks Error 15271.

This post is dedicated to QuickBooks error 15271 which prevails when you are trying to install QuickBooks Desktop. In this blog, you will get to know every single piece of information related to this error in detail. So, without any delay. Let’s start.

What is Quickbooks Update Error 15271?

Quickbooks error 15271 is the most prevailing error that occurs when the user tries to update QB payroll and Quickbooks Desktop to its latest release. When this error arises an error message pop-up on the display screen stating that:

Error 15271: The payroll update did not completed successfully. A file cannot be validated.

Error 15271: The update did not completed successfully. A file cannot be validated.

Quickbooks error 15271

Though there are other reasons behind this error and one of the reasons could be the unjustified files in Quickbooks. More triggers arise from this error, explained below. Check out all the reasons to understand the error more closely.

Reasons behind the Error 15271 Quickbooks Update

There are plenty of reasons that occur the Quickbooks update error 15271 in Quickbooks some of the majors are written-below

  • If the Quickbooks pro or the operating system or the downloaded software files are corrupted somehow, the error occurs.
  • When the user has done some changes in Quickbooks pro realist software due to the changes Windows Registry gets corrupted, and the error 15271 Quickbooks Update arrives.
  • The malware and virus attack triggered the error because it infects windows files.
  •  If the Quickbooks-related files get deleted due to another program installed in the system.

Symptoms of QuickBooks Error 15271

A lot of factors can provoke QuickBooks error 15271. It is necessary to know and try to resolve them. Because if you know the indications you can simply fix it.

  1. Displayed an error message on the screen.
  2. Windows crashing down and turning off frequently.
  3. Can’t download the latest payroll update.
  4. The screen is turning blue and freezes.
  5. The PC is not working in stable condition.
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All the above pointers are the trigger of the error, now get ahead to the place where you will acknowledge the solutions to solve the error like a pro. Let’s check out all the solutions now.

Methods to Troubleshoot the Quickbooks Error 15271

As the post mentioned before that due to the damaged registry windows this error arrives in the Quickbooks and interferes with the updating process. To repair this error,  the user has to turn off the UAC (User Control Account) and follow the below instruction in different methods to complete the task.

Method 1: Turn Off the UAC (User Control Account)


For Windows 7, 8, & 10
  • First, go to the Control Panel
  • Now, type the UAC in the Search Box
  • When the UAC is prompted on the screen, click on it
  • Now move the slider to Never Notify to turn off the UAC.
  • Now enter the Admin passwords and confirm the process if you are accessible with the admin credentials.
  • After that, Click on the Ok button and restart your system to save the changes.
  • Now go back to the UAC setting again
  • And now, move the sliders to when you want to be notified to turn on the UAC.
  • In the final step, click on the Ok button. 
For Windows Vista  
  • To start the method, click on the Windows logo on the screen
  • Now select the Control panel option
  • After that, type UAC in the search box and then hit the enter button.
  • Click on the User Account Control On or Off when prompted
  • Now, click on the checkbox to uncheck the box besides use user account control to turn off the UAC.
  • After the above step click on the OK button
  • To save the changes, reboot the system.
  • Now, again go to the UAC setting and check the box to turn on the UAC user account control.

Method 2:  Update Quickbooks Desktop    

Apply this method, only if the previous one does not erase the error 15271 Quickbooks update. After applying the first method, if you still get the error then follow the steps below:


  • First of all, restart the system again
  • Now click on the Install later option when the Quickbooks update services message box appears on the screen.
  • Now reset the Quickbooks release update with the below instruction:
  1. Go to the Quickbooks desktop and select the Help icon at the top menu
  2. Inside Help, select the Update Quickbooks option
  3. After that, choose the Update ow option
  4. After the above steps, go to the reset Update and check the box next to it
  5. Now click the Get Updates option
  6. After the above step, when the Update complete message appears on the screen, close it and then reopen
  7. After that, if you get the message to install the update, click on the Install now option.
  8. The above steps initiate the installation process, when the installation process completes turn off the system and turn it on again.
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Method 3: Perform Clean Installation of Quickbooks with selective Startup Mode

  • To start this method, first, press the Windows + R keys on the keyboard together to initiate the Run Windows
  • Now, inside the Run search field type MSConfig and click on the Ok button.
  • After the above step, go to the general tab in the main menu and choose the selective startup option.  
  • Afterward, the user has to select the load system Service option here
  • Now go to the Services option.
  • To hide all the Microsft services, disable all tabs and uncheck Hide all Microsoft service
  • The user has to make sure that the Windows installer is marked to verify the service list, if it’s not then mark on it
  • After that click on the Ok Button
  • Now the user needs to click on the Restart tab in the system configuration 
  • The Rebooting of the operating device is initiated through the above step, once it completes, the user can install/uninstall/reinstall the Quickbooks desktop.

Method 4:  Some More Solutions to Resolve QuickBooks Error 15271 Manually

  • Cope up the Windows Registry Entries which are associated with QuickBooks Error 15271
  • Conduct a full malware scan on your computer
  • Clean all the system junk files that are presented on your PC
  • Get your PC device drivers update
  • Update your Windows to the latest update


Hopefully, all the above solutions in this post assist you to resolve the Quickbooks error 15271 a file that cannot be validated. All of these solutions are doable and can perform by yourself with the help of a step-by-step guide mentioned along with every solution. As this post states that the error interrupts the updating process of Quickbooks desktop and Quickbooks Payroll due to several reasons. The factors are also covered in this post.

In case, if you are unable to resolve the error from the system then you are recommended to contact the Quickbooks support executives for further assistance. They are always available according to your convenience and help you out in any circumstances. They will give you a precise answer to your every question and solve the portable in no time.   

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. How to fix QuickBooks Error 15271?

  • Modify System Registry.
  • Disable UAC.
  • Install the latest release of QuickBooks.
  • Delete System Junk Files.

Q2. How to turn off User Account Control in Windows?

  • Tap on Start and choose the Control Panel.
  • Hit on User Accounts and Turn User Account Control on or off.
  • Then, Deselect Use User Account Control.
  • Lastly, Restart your system.

Q3. What do you understand from the Qbwin log?

It helps you to identify the reason for certain errors in your QuickBooks company file.

Q4. How do I resolve error 179 in QuickBooks?

  • Update Bank Login Credentials.
  • Remove Browser Cache and unused files.
  • Check your Bank Login Credentials.