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QuickBooks Error 6000-Detailed List With Permanent Solutions

QuickBooks contributes a lot to the success of millions of companies globally. It handles complex tasks such as accounting, bookkeeping, creating invoices, tax preparations, and a lot more with ease. Despite its outstanding features, it sometimes receives glitches and errors like Quickbooks Error 6000.

The 6000 series errors are problematic issues that many users encounter while working on this software. After your system catches this error, you are restricted to open the company file and cannot continue working.

Therefore, you have to repair this error before it turns into a nightmare and begins to affect your other files. Or else, your software will perform slowly and many files will start disappearing. 

Reasons Leading To Quickbooks Error 6000

You get QuickBooks Error 6000 while opening a company file. Multiple factors trigger this error series to pop up on your screen.

Reasons Responsible for Quickbooks Error 6000

  • Firstly, the firewall is restricting the system to establish a connection with Quickbooks.
  • Corrupt Quickbooks TLG file
  • Damaged QuickBooks installation file.
  • Incorrect configuration of the network connection.
  • Multiple users are logged into a similar QB company file.
  • QuickBooks Error 6000 can also bother you when you attempt to restore an old backup of the files.
  • Damaged company files.

QuickBooks Error 6000 Series – A Complete List

Following are some most common 6000 series Quickbooks errors that you face while working on a company file.

6000 Series Errors Reasons
Error 6176, 0 The system’s firewall is obstructing the connection of the two computers
Error 6000, 107 Corrupt.TLG file.
Error 6000, 1076 Damaged QuickBooks installation.
Error 6010, 100 Your file is being posted by some other computer.
Error 6138, 105
Error 6210, 0
Error 6189, 83
Error 6190, 83
Error 6012, 1061 Invalid network setup
Error 6144, 82
Error 6000, 82
Error 6129, 101 The QB Database Server Manager is malfunctioning or Folder permission is not permitted.
Error 6190, 816 The company file is accessed by another single user. Mismatch b/w the (.tlg) & (.qbw) file
Error 6190, 85
Error 6190, 82
Error 6000, 832 You will see this problem while the hosting is ON or the network data file is malfunctioning.
Error 6144, 304 When Quickbooks stops working or does not open.
Error 6190, 1005
Error 6189, 1005
Error 6000, 305 Invalid network setup or the damaged company file.
Error 6073, 816 More than one computer is hosting the company file or the firewall settings are obstructing the connection.
error 6144, 103 The network data file has an invalid path to the file or there is a corrupt QuickBooks Database Manager.
Error 6144, 0
Error 6120, 0 A system that is hosting the file is blocked or the firewall port 8019 is restricted
Error 6087, 0 This issue happens while opening the file remotely
Error 6131, 0
Error 6147, 0 You receive this error when you open the company file and while restoring the backup (.QBB)
Error 6177 Due to an outdated QuickBooks Version
Error 6000 80 Damaged/Corrupt Company File
Error 6123 When using an external storage device for restoring a company file.

Repairing Quickbooks Error 6000 – Most Effective Techniques

The 6000 series errors come without any warning and generate more issues along with them. Therefore fixing the errors becomes mandatory for users to prevent any disastrous impact.

Simply follow the methods explained further in this article to get rid of Quickbooks Error Code 6000.

Solution 1: Remove Blank Spaces in File’s Extension and Name

This is a step that most users ignore. When you add any blank space in the extension of the company file or after the name, you get 6000 series errors. So, remove them instantly. 

Remove The Blank Space In the Company File Extension and Name

  • Firstly, log off QB Desktop.
  • Open that specific folder having your company files.
  • Now start renaming the QB company files.
  • Thereafter, locate the file name and remove all blank spaces in the file extension and company file name.
  • Finally, you can open and make a QB company file as well.

Solution 2: Create a Backup

You need to restore a backup copy of the company file to verify that it works well. To accomplish this, the steps are:

  • Firstly, access your company file.
  • Tap on “File”.
  • Moving on, choose “Utilities”.
  • If the option “Stop Hosting Multi-user” is available there, click on it.
  • Now, edit the name of your company file and make it under 210 characters. Choose a name that shows important details only.

Solution 3: Configuring Antivirus and the Firewall

  • Firstly, launch “QuickBooks Database Manager”.
  • Locate the tab “Port Monitor”, and then find your QB version.
  • Thereafter, note down the Firewall port number somewhere for future purposes.
  • Now open “Windows Firewall”.

Configuring Firewall to repair Quickbooks Error 6000

  • Further, tap “Advanced Settings”.
  • Moving on, right-tap on “Inbounds” and choose “New Rule”.
  • Then tap on “Port”.
  • Finally, hit “Next”.

Solution 4: Open the QB Company File Directly

Through this solution, you can find out if Quickbooks Error 6000 is troubling you due to the file’s location. In case, you opened the file easily then it means the company file is broken or damaged.

Also, it indicates that the file is located in a folder where it’s getting restrictions issues with the system permissions. Here you need to change the file’s location.

  • Firstly, open the folder storing your file.
  • Locate the file-  QBW.TLG extension copy it.
  • Then paste it on your desktop or any accessible location.
  • Hold “Control Key” then access QuickBooks.
  • After the page “No Company Open” is being accessed, hit “Open/Restore the Current File”.

Open the QB Company File Directly

  • Lastly, locate the company file you had copied and continue working on it normally. 

Solution 5: Try To Open a Sample QB Company File

This technique will assist you in determining if the problem is with your own company file or it’s the software.

If you get a similar issue while trying to access the sample file, it suggests that your software isn’t installed properly, and you need to repair it.

  • Firstly, hover to the window “No Company Open”, then tap on “Sample File” and access the list.
  • If you can successfully open your sample file then jump to the proceeding troubleshooting technique.
  • Or if the sample file is showing some warning message then repair the QB installation.

Solution 6: Close The QuickBooks Related Running Tasks

To repair QuickBooks Error 6000, close all the tabs running in the system’s background. The steps are:

  • Firstly, as an Administrator, log in on the server.
  • Thereafter, push “Ctrl+Alt+Delete” for opening “Task Manager”.
  • After that, you need to show processes by clicking on “User”. This will reflect all the processes active.
  • Further, start highlighting all the QuickBooks-associated processes showing up on the list (Qbupdate.exe, QBDBMgr.exe, and QBW32.EXE).
  • Tap “End Task”.
  • Lastly, switch to multi-user mode then access the company file.

Solution 7: Use a UNC Path Rather Than A Mapped Device

This last method is extremely useful in repairing the Quickbooks Error 6000 instantly. Here you need to use a UNC path instead of a mapped device. The steps are:

UNC Path Rather Than A Mapped Device

  • Firstly, right-tap on the QB icon. This step will launch the software.
  • Then press the “Ctrl” button in order to run Quickbooks as an admin.
  • Keep holding the CTRL key until the window of No Company Open comes.
  • Moving on, navigate to “File”.
  • Now tap “Restore Company”.
  • Thereafter, choose “Open The Company File”.
  • Now hit “Next”.
  • After that, tap “Network” and come to the company file’s location.
  • In case you can’t find the folder then mark “Set Folders Permission”.
  • Once you spot the file, hit “Open” and finally end the process.

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So, finally, this brings us to the end of this informative post. Here, you get to read all 6000 series errors with the most efficient troubleshooting methods.

Now you can deal with the issue easily. However, make sure you follow these techniques step-wise and do not skip any step.

Be it Quickbooks error 6000 83, Quickbooks error code 6000, or any other 6000 series error, you get all solutions here. At last, we wish the information here assisted you well.