QuickBooks Error 12031: Complete Use Guide To Resolve [Solved]

Error 12031 displayed on the screen? Unable to Update QuickBooks? Cannot access the payroll services? All such problems fall under the QuickBooks Error 12031 that prevails in the system when the user updates the software QuickBooks to its updated version and even other payroll services updates. 

Take no chances but be with us to solve any such ongoing issues at the earliest. Our post for today is your very problem ‘QuickBooks 12031 error update’ and reaching the end, you will be well-equipped with all the necessary knowledge needed to rectify this update error.  Let us not waste any more time and clear out all your errors & issues.

Quickbooks Error 12031: Introduction

Quickbooks Error 12031

QuickBooks Error 12031 is a type of 12000 series error that can arise in the software when the user tries to update the software QuickBooks to its updated version and other payroll services updates. Also, when you refresh the QB payroll services and when there is a hindrance in allowance & permission given to the server due to network and timeout issues, this error will prevail in your software. Also, incomplete and improper configuration settings disrupt the security system and the firewall setup settings.

The SSL system configuration can also be invalid and give rise to this issue too. This error disrupts the workflow of the users and unstable the servers’ host connection with the software. 

Occurrence of Error 12031 Quickbooks

There can be various reasons for the presence of this error QuickBooks 12031 update in your system software. Read the list below. 

  • Unstable and incorrect network configuration and internet setup.
  • The default browser is other than Internet Explorer.
  • Invalid SSL configuration and improper setup settings.
  • Firewall setup & third-party apps hinder the working of QuickBooks.. 
  • Virus attacks and other threat activities
  • The network timeout error restricts the operations in the QuickBooks software.

Quickbooks Error 12031: Solutions to Repair

As you begin to work with the solution given below, any user can easily resolve the QuickBooks Update Error 12031. Read below for more.    

Solution 1: Run QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool 

QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool 

  • The first step is to download the QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool.
  • Once downloaded, then do as per the screen instructions and install the QBs diagnostic tool.
  • Accept the license agreement and the terms and conditions, and then at last click on Finish.
  • Now, open the installed diagnostic tool and reach out to the tab of Test Connectivity.
  • Within the tab Test Connectivity, go for the option Browse and choose your company file from the source location. 
  • After that, click on the specific file with issues. 
  • Lastly, use the option Test Connectivity.

Also, Read QuickBooks Component Repair Tool.

In a few moments, QuickBooks error 12031 will no longer be existent once the repairing process is completed.

Solution 2: SSL and TLS Configuration Setup

SSL and TLS Configuration Setup

The SSL and TLS settings are necessary for Quickbooks connectivity. To customize the SSL & TLS settings, read below:

  • Firstly, launch the default browser Internet Explorer.
  • Now, navigate to the Internet option.
  • On the upper side screen panel, tap on the tab of Advanced.
  • After this, you can easily change the setup settings of TLS and SSL configurations.
  • At last, click on OK to apply the recently made changes to the configuration settings. 

Solution 3: Quickbooks Desktop Software Update

Quickbooks Desktop Software Update

If you are already operating with the latest released version of the software QuickBooks, then you can jump onto the next solution. It is seen that updating QuickBooks to its latest available update can auto-troubleshoot the glitches and other errors. Follow the directions below:

  • First, access the QuickBooks desktop software on your PC.
  • Go to the Help menu.
  • Under this menu, reach out to the option of Update Quickbooks. 
  • All the latest available updates & releases of QuickBooks appear listwise on the computer screen and you have to choose the latest version available. 
  • After the installation, restart the system and verify for the presence of the error in your system. 

Solution 4: Using Stable Internet & Connection Setup

Using Stable Internet & Connection Setup

  • The initial step is to access the software QuickBooks and on the left side panel, you will find the Help menu. Click on it. 
  • Under the Help menu, go to the option of Internet Connection Setup.
  • Now, use the option of “Use my computer’s Net connection settings to establish a connection when this app accesses the Internet
  • Finally, click on the option of Next and then click on Done to complete the setup. 

Note: Also, every QBs user must keep in mind that the Quickbooks application is already operating in its latest released version.

Solution 5: Modify the Firewall Setup 

Modify the Firewall Setup 

At times, firewall configuration setup is the reason for the hindrance in the proper functioning & operations of QuickBooks and disrupts the downloading and the updating process. We recommend you customize the permission setup of the Firewall settings to repair the QuickBooks Error Code 12031 and other related problems. Read the steps below.

  • From the Start menu, click on the Search field and type in Firewall, and tap Enter.
  • Within the locator menu, go to the option of Windows Firewall.
  • Under the Firewall window, tap on the option named Allow a Program or Feature
  • Now, navigate to the option of Change Settings and a new dialog window will come up on the screen.

Tick mark all the boxes that will grant the permissions to QuickBooks for the Firewall configuration setup.

Solution 6: Network Data (.ND) File Rename

Network Data (.ND) File Rename

  • Look out for the source company file folder. 
  • Now, search for the file with the name ending in the extension .nd (Network Data File).
  • Now, tap on Rename by right-clicking on the Network Data file.
  • Add the extension .old in the file name like shetaxreport.qbw.nd.old.

Solution 7: Quickbooks Payroll Services Update

  • Click on the QuickBooks icon on the desktop and launch the software.
  • Choose the Option named Menu
  • Under this option, navigate to Internet Connection Setup.
  • Now, choose the option Internet Properties.
  • After that, click on the tab of Advanced. 
  • Change all the Advanced Settings as per your requirements.
  • Tap on the option of Apply and then OK to apply the recently made changes.
  • Exit the window and also, close all the active running programs and open the software again for updating the QB payroll services.

Solution 8: Quickbooks Software in Safe Mode

This method will assist you in carrying out the downloading process of the Quickbooks Update software in the Windows Safe Mode. In case of any restriction by the third-party apps during the updating process, read the solution below to repair the Quickbooks update error 12031.

Quickbooks Software in Safe Mode

  • Change the system settings to the Windows Safe Mode. 
  • Now, press the keys Windows + I to access Settings.
  • Choose the option of Update & Security and then go to the Recovery Settings
  • Under the Recovery Settings, go to the Advanced Startup and tap on the option named Restart Now.
  • A dialog box will come up with the name of Choose an Option. Click on it.
  • After that, choose the option named Troubleshoot and then go to the option Advanced.
  • Now, navigate to the option named Startup Settings.  
  • Select Restart and feed in the Bitlocker Recovery Key.  
  • After the above steps, it will auto-restart the system along with a list of various options appearing on the screen.
  • You need to choose option number 4 or use F4 on your keyboard for your system to be in the Safe Mode. 
  •  In case you are making use of the Internet, choose option number 5 or use F5 on your keyboard for entering the Safe Mode with Networking.
  • Now, start downloading the Quickbooks Software update.

Lastly, you can also go back to using the Normal Mode.

Solution 9: Cease the Third-Party Applications 

Third-party apps like antivirus programs disrupt Quickbooks’ work operations. It is due to the fact that the antivirus programs take part in the operations and  QuickBooks functioning and tags them as being malicious. So, we recommend you discontinue using all such third-party applications or you can also temporarily remove these apps to fix the QuickBooks Error 12031. 

Solution 10: Using Windows Update

Windows Update

Windows update is the one of easiest solutions and is universally accepted as being the most effective in clearing out any errors existing in the system including the QuickBooks Update Error 12031. To update your OS Windows, the steps are. 

  • From the Start menu, click on the Search field and type in Windows Update, and tap Enter.
  • Now, look for the option Check for Updates.
  • A listwise Windows available updates will come up on the screen compatible with your computer system.
  • After this, click on the tab named Download and Install, and the updating process will begin.
  • In a few minutes, your OS Windows update is complete and you have to restart the computer system at last.

Ending Words

This article is an informative guide with all the associated aspects of QuickBooks Error 12031 ranging from its causes to the quick and easy resolutions to troubleshoot it at the earliest. We hope that our content was helpful enough to you and you are no longer facing any updating or payroll services problems. It has been our pleasure to serve you with such resources and we hope you admire all our efforts. Time to part ways but you feel free to join us anytime you need. Do visit our official website to get in touch with other QuickBooks-related articles.   

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