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QuickBooks Point of Sales Software (POS) – Types, Review and Pricing

Quickbooks POS (Point of sale) Software is a feature-rich software system in Quickbooks developed by Intuit, an American company of software development. Nowadays, Intuit arose as a leading software company in developing the best accounting software such as Quickbooks Accounting software and QuickBooks Tool hub to support QuickBooks while facing errors. 

Just like QuickBooks Tool Hub, the Quickbooks POS system also supports the integration with Quickbooks. Quickbooks is accounting software mainly developed to maintain the accounting and book-keeping system of small and medium-sized companies. Through Quickbooks, you can easily track the business growth, manage bill payments, payrolls, profit & loss statements, calculate taxes, and also set a reminder for the next payments. Whenever the user encountered any errors in Quickbooks that Heckel the work, it recommended to every user to use Quickbooks Repair Tool first to tackle any kind of every. Be it network issues, file related problem, installation error, or any kind of Program error in your Quickbooks Company file, QB Tool Hub take care of all that issues in no time. 

Quickbooks POS is one of a kind that eases the work of the users. Quickbooks POS system is working as a central hub for the business that tracks the sales, manages inventory, and most importantly, it keeps track of the customers to keep up with their activities and improve the relationship with the business.  

In this particular review session, we will talk about the Quickbook Point of Sales software in a brief manner and also their advantages and disadvantages later, and of course the customer ratings and review. So that you can also have it accordingly. So let’s get to the point with the first and foremost topic What is QuickBooks Point of Sale Software?

What is Quickbooks POS (Point of Sale Software)?

Quickbooks POS is a retail and versatile point-of-sale systems software developed to support various small and medium-sized enterprises such as small franchises, clothing, and shoe stores, sporting goods stores, etc. POS Quickbooks assists businesses to manage bill payments, keeping track of sales & inventory, employee & time tracking systems, and much more. Through POS Quickbooks,  a user can easily handle a large number of inventories in business at one time because the system is integrated to handle over 1500 items at a time. This system saves customer data for the users to track the history of the customer and their behavior on the site so the user can work accordingly. This also helps the user to configure tags and receipts, set and reset promotional prices on the products, track layaways, manage rewards programs and ship packages using the is feature namely Shipping Managers modules. This software is also mobile responsive, where the user can easily use it on mobile either Android or iOS. That adds one more compatibility to the business that user can access their business profile at any point in time whether he/she is at home or not. 

Types of Quickbooks POS System

There are two types of Quickbooks POS available for the user according to their requirements and needs

  • On-Premises
  • Cloud-Based   

1: On-Premises

With On-Premises POS, the user can access the downloaded version on the Quickbook POS system on PC, laptop, Android Mobile, or iOS according to their requirement. The user just has to purchase the POS Software from the official site of Intuit and download & install it by following the paths. 

2: Cloud-Based

A cloud-Based POS System is accessible through the internet on any device. The user just has a good internet connection on his/her devices to access the POS system, and you are good to go.  

Features of POS QuickBooks 

As we get to know about the Quickbooks Point-of-sale software above and their types, what feature it provides their user is a must-know topic. Quickbooks POS provides multiple features to integrate Quickbooks accounting software that helps the business to create a boom in the market. Some of the main features that Quickbooks online POS provide their users are;

QuickBooks POS

1: Credit Payment Process

  • The POS Quickbooks is useful in managing payments through cash, credit, debit cards. The software will support and accept all kinds of popular debit & Credit cards like; master cards, RuPay cards, Visa, Discover, and also American express. The whole process of payment through the card is fully integrated with the monitor so that the user can keep an eye on the transaction to avoid mistakes. The Quickbooks Online POS system supports EMV and other secure payment technology that makes the transaction system through debit and credit cards more secure and safe for the user and their customers too.       

2: Quickbooks Desktop Integration

POS system avails the user with the feature namely Quickbooks Desktop Integration where all the transactions will be seamlessly transferred to the Quickbooks Desktop safely. The POS System and the Quickbooks Desktop works together when you added the POS Quickbooks to your system and the data is automatically synced with the accounting software that saves time in entering the ales-related information for the users. 

3: Sales Transaction Management

Through POS Quickbooks, the user can add the sales data in multiple ways. To use this feature, the user can use the barcode scanner to add new items to make bills or can add the data manually in the system. The user will save a lot of time by adding discounts and offer on products and customer information directly at the POS. 

4: Inventory Management

The POS system offers their user to manage the inventory automatically. This feature is only available for advanced version users such as Pro and Multi-store. With this feature, the system automatically updates the stocks after each and every sale transaction. This is a useful feature that showed up their users the available inventory every time and also indicates the most demanding and less demanding inventory on the list. With the crucial information through POS Quickbooks, a user update and adjust their products to better serve their customers.

5: Customer and Rewards Program Management

Managing customers is the most hectic and difficult work, a business can ever face. But with the QuickBooks Online POS, user can easily handle their credit customers and the reward programs. This system will provide detailed information about each and every credit customer separately with their available credit limit, due amount, and other information. 

6: Loyalty Program Management

The Quickbooks POS system allows their user to allow to manage loyalty programs. Through this program, user can reward their best customers with customized coupons and limited offer receipts, which can also be created in the POS system. The user can also track the promotions offered to the customers and manage them all through the dashboard.

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Quickbooks POS System Hardware 

There are some physical components/ hardware attached to the POS system that add more compatibility to your work. Exactly what hardware can be useful to your work can vary according to your need and requirement. Here are some of the physical components or hardware that supports POS Quickbooks.

1: EVM  Ready Pin Pad

POS Quickbooks

  • With the physical component EVM-ready pin pad, the user can easily access any debit or credit for receiving payments from their customers. The EVM-ready pin pad is work on the latest PCI EPC security standard that reduces the risk of losses and fraud with the money of customers. The users who use the EVM- ready card readers are not liable or the forfeited money or counterfeit card transaction. 

2: Receipt Printer

QuickBooks Online POS

  • The receipt printer works automatically in the POS Quickbooks system. It prints a receipt of the bill after every transaction has been made. The receipt printer has come up with a unique feature, through this a user can print gift and credit cards receipt too. The printer has a built-in auto-cutter that removes the receipt. The easy drop-in paper loader allows you to place printing papers easily.

3: Barcode Scanner

Quickbooks POS

  • A barcode scanner is a must-have component for the user dealing in sales. Nowadays, almost every product has a bar-code printed on it where every essential information lies. Only a bar-code reader can scan it and display the information on the screen. The bar-code scanner in Quickbooks Online POS can scan both low and high-density code on products. The barcode scanner not only use for scanning the bar-codes it can be used for different transactions like; invoices, sales orders, refunds and credits, item receipts, and inventory transfer. 

3: Cash Drawer

Quickbooks Point of sale Software

  • The cash drawer for Quickbooks POS System is an important accessory to complete the whole payments transaction safe and secure. The drawer is sturdy metal construction and lockable to ensure safety. When the transaction completes the drawer will open automatically and also has a feature of dual media input slots. The user can also connect the drawer to the receipt printer for effortless printing. 

4: Pole display

Quickbooks POS System

  • The pole display component is optional hardware in the POS Quickbooks system. With the pole display, the user can display the price of any products or simply any important message that the user wants to spread amongst their customers. The pole display device exhibits the message or content written on the screen in fluorescent blue color that catches the customer’s attention.   

5: Tag Printer 

Quickbooks Online POS

  • Tracking inventory is not an easy task, storekeepers have to keep an eye on the inventory products and keep their records. And to record the inventory they started marking up special characters and numbers on the products to keep the records up to date. Tag printers do the same thing and help the storekeepers to print the tags for every product. The user can attach the Tag printer with a Bar-Code scanner for a quick and accurate record of inventory.  

Versions of Quickbooks POS System 

POS Quickbooks provide their users three versions to install the system on their PC, Laptop or mobile and integrate the Quickbooks accounting software to ease their business work. The best part of the POS system is that the user just has to buy it once and also allows the user to free trial of 30 days. The prices of the POS software may vary with the different versions of it. These three visions are

  • POS Basic Version
  • POS Pro Version
  • POS Multi-Store Version

1: POS Basic Version

The basic version of POS Quickbooks has many features to manage your business hassle-free and easy straightway to success. It is available for $1200. It allows the user to 

  • Monitor sales
  • Track Clients
  • Manages Inventory
  • Management of Discount, Returns, Store Credits, and gift cards
  • Create Custom report
  • Add pictures of inventory items
  • Data transfer to Quickbooks Accounting software

2: POS Pro Version

The Pro version of POS is available for $ 1700 with all the features of the Basic version including some new features that are;  

  • Advance Inventory
  • Automatic Purchase
  • Tracker for work & sales order
  •  Rewards and loyalty programs
  • Hours and sales commission tracking
  • Manages employees and payroll
  • Advanced reporting capabilities
  • Customer manager feature for easy marketing
  • Easy mailing list and label generation

3: POS Multi-Store Version

The POS multi-store version is come up with all features of Basic and Pro versions and includes some more advanced features to add more easiness and compatibility to users. It is available for $1900. These features are;

  • Manages multiple stores up to 20 locations in one system
  • Analyzes sales and inventory data according to the store location
  • Get an overview of consolidated multi-store reporting. 
  • Track inventory transfer between stores

Review of Customers on QuickBooks Online POS

Many of the users find Quickbooks online POS useful for their business but at the same time, they encountered some disadvantages that can hardly bear. Let’s check out all the positive and negative reviews of the Quickbooks POS system;

Positive Review to POS Quickbooks 

These are the Positive Review from customers that makes the POS system compelling to them;

1: Effortless use 
  • The most completing subject is the ease of use, the process of using a POS system is comparatively easy than any other system with a small learning curve.
2: Constant Fee Structure 
  • The second most positive review is for the fixed fee structure that POS System has and that is also a one-time payment. No other extra charges or other monthly fees. 
3: Variety of Feature
  • The next positive review is for the features that Quickbooks Point of Sales is offering to its users. Even in the basic version, there are many advanced features that help the business to grow high without hassle. The petty cash management, custom report, built-in report templates along hardware components makes the Quickbooks POS System more compelling towards the users.    

Negative Review to POS QuickBooks 

People also find the Quickbooks POS not much convincing and has some flaws and it needs to clarify for more good reviews. 

1: High Price 
  • The first and foremost negative review is about the high cost of the POS Quickbooks comparatively. The high price does not fit every user’s budget that leaves a negative remark on the system. 
2: Poor Customer Service
  • Another negative review is on the Customer service. Many of the users face a lot of issues during using the POS system or while downloading it and then they contacted Customer service for help but there are unable to get the solution on time. This can be redeemed shortly to upgrade the customer review from negative to positive. 
3: Buggy Software
  • User from the e-commerce sites has face difficulties while using the Quickbooks POS software system and found the system is not flawless and crashes several times while using it. This might be happening because of the hardware components tach to the system. There’s one more negative point in it that many of the users charge extra pennies in customer interaction while resolving the issues.

Final Words

Quickbooks Point-of-Sale is a mighty and efficient system based on standard point of sale and amazing features. This is a recommended tool for small and medium-sized companies by Intuit, the developer and marketer of Quickbooks accounting software. The simple configuration of the QuickBooks online POS is easy to use even for non-technical users without any training. On-Premises ad Cloud-based deployment is available in POS Quickbooks.

It has three paid versions Basic, Pro, and Multi-user version, all version has a one-time payment facility and includes no other charges. Whether basic version ahs payment processing, sales management, custom reports, petty cash management, & return, discounts, credits, and gift receipt feature, and for the advance features the user is recommended to buy Pro or Multi-User Version. 

The price of the POS system is slightly high but can be overlooked due to the features the POS system delivered to its users. It is a powerful tool to manage the entire sales and inventory system of your business, not only for one store, with the multi-user version,  the user is accessible to manage up to 20 stores in different locations at one time in one system.

If you are a service or good provider, the POS system is a must-have tool for you. The POS System is ideally designed for the retail and the hospitality sectors and assists the respective business with its amazing functionalities. There are many single-store retailers who us facing difficulties to grow their business seamlessly then they must use Quickbooks Online POS. Also, read Quickbooks Vs Quicken Comparison.

Hopefully, the above-written review is reachable and considerable to your requirements. The POS system allows users to have a trial session for 30 days. If there’s anything that blew off your mind to use it or want to learn how to apple the features allotted by POS System, then must try the 30 days trial. It’s absolutely free from any kind of charge.