QuickBooks Point of Sales

QuickBooks Point of Sales Software (POS) – Types, Review and Pricing

QuickBooks Point of Sales Software is a feature-rich software system in QuickBooks developed by Intuit. QuickBooks POS system is working as a central hub for the business that tracks the sales, manages inventory, and most importantly, it keeps track of the customers to keep up with their activities and improve the relationship with the business.  

In this particular blog, we will talk about the QuickBooks POS software in a brief manner along with their advantages and disadvantages, and of course the customer ratings and reviews. So let’s get to the point with the first and foremost topic: What is QuickBooks Point of Sale Software?

What is QuickBooks Point of Sales Software?

With QuickBooks POS software, you can manage your inventory, accept new payment types, and you can connect with your customers. It is for retail businesses and online businesses with complete e-Commerce integration. It is available in three ways: Basic, Pro, and Multi-store. This software is also mobile responsive, where the user can easily use it on mobile either Android or IOS.

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Features of QuickBooks Point Of Sales

Some of the main features that QuickBooks online POS provide their users are:

  • QuickBooks Desktop Integration

The POS System and the QuickBooks Desktop work together when you add the POS QuickBooks to your system and the data is automatically synced with the accounting software. 

  • Credit Payment Process

The POS QuickBooks is useful in managing payments through cash, credit, and debit cards. The QuickBooks Online POS system supports EMV and other secure payment technology.

  • Customer and Rewards Program Management

This system will provide detailed information about each and every credit customer separately with their available credit limit, due amount, and other information. 

  • Sales Transaction Management

Through POS QuickBooks, the user can add sales data in multiple ways. To use this feature, the user can use the barcode scanner to add new items to make bills or can add the data manually in the system.

  • Loyalty Program

The QuickBooks POS system allows their user to manage loyalty programs. Through this program, users can reward their best customers with customized coupons.

Hardware Required for QuickBooks POS System

Here are some of the physical components or hardware that support POS QuickBooks.

  • With the help of EVM ready pin pad, users can easily access any debit or credit card for receiving payments. It helps in reducing the risk of fraud. 
  • Receipt printer prints the receipt of the bill after every transaction. You can use this printer for printing gift and credit card receipts.
  • The cash drawer helps in completing the payment transaction safely. The user can also connect the drawer to the receipt printer for effortless printing.
  • With the pole display, you can display the price of any product or simply any important message that the user wants to spread amongst their customers.
  • The user can attach the tag printer with a Bar-Code scanner for a quick and accurate record of inventory. 

Review of Customers on QuickBooks Online POS

Many of the users find Quickbooks online POS useful for their business but at the same time, they encountered some disadvantages that can hardly bear. Let’s check out all the positive and negative reviews of the Quickbooks POS system;

Positive Reviews of POS Quickbooks 

These are the Positive Review from customers that makes the POS system compelling to them;

1. Effortless use 
  • The most completing subject is the ease of use, the process of using a POS system is comparatively easy than any other system with a small learning curve.
2. Constant Fee Structure 
  • The second most positive review is for the fixed fee structure that POS System has and that is also a one-time payment. No other extra charges or other monthly fees. 
3. Variety of Feature
  • The next positive review is for the features that Quickbooks Point of Sales is offering to its users. Even in the basic version, there are many advanced features that help the business to grow high without hassle. The petty cash management, custom report, built-in report templates along hardware components makes the QuickBooks POS System more compelling to the users.    

4. Customer Support

If you face any issue in using the QuickBooks POS system, you can contact customer support as they are available anytime. But it is hardly needed as the software is quite easy to use.

QuickBooks Point of Sale Pricing

If you want significant growth in your business, it is okay to invest a little to increase productivity. QuickBooks POS pricing conmes in three versions, let’s see them one by one:

1. POS Basic

QuickBooks POS’s basic version is suitable for startup businesses as it gives access to a single user and is able to meet basic bookkeeping needs. It cost $960. Let’s see what all features it offers:

  • It accepts contactless payments.
  • You can track and manage inventory.
  • Ecommerce Integration is possible.
  • Ring Sales.
  • Basic reporting can be done.
  • Helps in managing customer data.

2. POS Pro

It is slightly more advanced than the basic version. It cost $1360. You may get some additional features like:

  • You can generate purchase orders.
  • It is possible to Manage employees and payroll.
  • Rewards and Loyalty Programs.
  • It offers layaway and gift cards.
  • Advanced reporting is possible.

3. POS Multi-Store

POS multi-store integrates customer information into the system when they make a purchase. It is the most expensive version and costs $1520. It will help in creating personalized discount offers for the customers and many more:

  • You can manage multiple stores.
  • Easy in managing and transferring inventory between stores.
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Hopefully, the above-written article provides you with all the relevant information about QuickBooks Point of Sales Software. The POS system allows users to have a trial session for 30 days. If you want to learn how to apply the features allotted by POS System, then you must try the 30 days trial. It’s absolutely free of any kind of charge. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Can you do purchase orders in QuickBooks?

Yes, QuickBooks makes it easy to schedule purchase orders.

Q2. Is QuickBooks POS cloud-based?

No, it is locally installed.