QuickBooks POS Inventory Scanner- Price, Features, Setup and Usage

QuickBooks POS Inventory Scanner- Price, Features, Setup and Usage

QuickBooks was first developed as financial accounting software, by Intuit company, to help accountants and bookkeepers with their business’ financial tasks. Later on, after seeing the need, the company included other software under QuickBooks that help in other business areas like tracking of parol, inventory, etc. This software came to be known as QuickBooks Payroll and QuickBooks Point of Sale respectively.

Point of Sale software includes various hardware out of which one is the Quickbooks POS Inventory Scanner which is usually used to find and record the stock available in the business in-store and in a warehouse. It has various advanced features that save users from keeping the updated record manually.

In any business, inventory management is important to increase work and company productivity. By using its high mobility feature, you can scan both inventory and barcodes by moving freely within the store as you don’t have to worry about bringing the thing to the same place all time. The hardware also records and allots the product stock within the list under the right category of the QBs Point of Sale version.

Now, you must have questions like what are the features of Quickbooks POS Scanner for Inventory? How much can it cost your business to have it?  Don’t get confused, just read this informative article till the end and learn the features, cost, requirements, and way to use Quickbooks POS Inventory Scanner to grow your company.

Features of QuickBooks POS Inventory Scanner

Features of QuickBooks POS Inventory Scanner

The inventory scanner for Quickbooks POS is loaded with innovative features which combined with QBs software create an incredible system to check inventory. More features have been described below:

Wireless Inventory Scanner

QuickBooks POS wireless Inventory scanner is very portable and has compact nature. These features have helped the software to gain more customers.

Warehouse Management

Warehouse Management

The Inventory Scanner enables the user to track the items’ stock location in three simple levels: 1. Row and rack 2. Box and section 3. Area and pallet.

It also makes corrections in inaccurate record data, minimizes the errors by updating the real-time information. The scanner easily transfers the inventory details from one location to another. This reduces the delay time and helps in increasing efficiency.

Tracking Inventory Forecasting

The inventory scanner tracks, stock, location as well as counts of the present products to handle the sales record and purchase order to reorder again in case of shortage.

The scanner’s in-built software calculates the items/products that are required to be restocked and also places the order with just one click. It also makes sure that the right quantity of the products is orders in order to prevent any wastage or shipping fees. By keeping a proper track it can also prevent the stock-out condition.

Tracking Serial Number

Tracking Serial Number

The scanner helps in easy management by adding serial numbers to all products. It also recognizes any defects in the items for quality check. The tag of serial number assists users to track the product’s purchase, stock-out, and various important details.

Lot Number Tracking

The lot number tracking feature permits the scanner to track the products of a similar batch. In case, it detects any fault, it just accesses the lot instead of checking all the items. It directly saves time and human effort. You can keep a close eye on all products.

Updating Inventory in Real-Time

The Cycle Count feature enables users to handle the inventory efficiently without closing the warehouse. The scanner scans the product information from various warehouses and updates the real-time details to an inventory dashboard. By using this feature you can also manage the import and export counts.

Simple Interface

Simple Interface

QuickBooks Inventory Scanner offers a simple interface that makes it easy for any new QBs user to work on it.

Updates Vendors’ Information

The in-built software enables users to update the vendors’ information with the feature called “Alternate Vendors Center.” It gathers and segregates the vendors’ details in one central place which includes the name, phone number, location, price, address, etc. It becomes easy to receive the details of the vendor with the scanner.

The inventory scanner helps in tracking down other crucial information like shortage of products, delivery times, etc.

Customize Inventory Reports

Physical Inventory Scanner Quickbooks POS helps users to customize the reports of inventory to increase the flexibility and productivity of the company. The scanner also gives the inventory stock by-product, a summary of valuation, and collects the shortage.

Way to Use Quickbooks POS Scanner For Inventory

Way to Use Quickbooks POS Scanner For Inventory

The Quickbooks POS Inventory scanner assists the users in scanning the inventory effectively without uploading the real-time information. The scanner has an easy-to-use and straightforward interface. If you want a quality scanner then, follow these steps:

  • First of all, you have to enter the product counts and then start scanning all the products.
  • When scanning is finished, you are required to upload the scanned data to the QBs POS software.
  • Verify it once more by reviewing the scanned data. It helps you to confirm if you need more modifications.
  • Save all data in the window of “Physical Inventory.”
  • Now, update the product counts.
  • After that,  remove the data (scanned) from the unit of the “Physical inventory scanner.”

How to Set up and Install QuickBooks POS Wireless Inventory Scanner?

How to Set up and Install QuickBooks POS Wireless Inventory Scanner?

The installation of QuickBooks POS Inventory Scanner can be a little time-consuming process. But we have come up with the easiest steps to help you easily set up and install the Quickbooks POS Inventory scanner.  Read attentively and follow the steps.

  • The inventory scanner’s power wire is connected with two end plug points. The first is used for the power source, the second one will go in the cradle of the scanner.
  • You have to connect the USB data cable with the Inventory Scanner’s cradle.
  • The scanner contains a Li-ion charged battery,  make sure to put it inside it carefully.
  • After setting up the battery, turn on the scanner and then simply connect it with the cradle.
After the set-up, you need to install the QuickBooks POS Inventory Scanner to carry on your work. Look at the steps:


  • First of all, put the CD of POS into the PC drive for CD-ROM.
  • If it launches any prompts or wizard, just tap on “Cancel.”
  • To access the set-up, reach out to the “Setup Wizard” in the menu. 
  • Carry the process by following the on-screen instructions.
  • After that your setup is ready and you are good to go.
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Final Words

Quickbooks POS Inventory Scanner includes numerous advanced features that assist in handling and updating inventory stocks. It helps you to review and fix the error before sharing the counts to the physical inventory. Not only this but you are also saved from performing Manual Inventory Counts which not only increases tension but errors also.

In this informative article, we have covered important aspects of Quickbooks POS Inventory Scanner like its features, way to use the inventory scanner, set-up, installation, and many more things. We hope that the details here were up to your expectations.

In case, you need more guidance from experts then feel free to contact the Quickbooks Customer Support team anytime. The professionals are available 24×7 to help you resolve your queries with the best assistance.