QuickBooks POS Inventory Scanner

QuickBooks POS Inventory Scanner Why is It The Best Investment For You

Managing inventory is very essential in all businesses (big or small), QuickBooks POS Inventory Scanner is able to track your inventory very effortlessly.

Intuit’s physical inventory scanner QuickBooks POS provides features to maintain and update your inventory stock. It allows you to review and resolve the errors before actually transferring the counts to the physical inventory. The software saves you from the regular Manual Inventory Counts.

So what more the QuickBooks POS Inventory Scanner has to offer? And how much would it cost? We would discuss it all in this article. If you are planning for a start-up, or want to grow your business, read the article till the end.

Requirement of QuickBooks POS Scanner for Inventory

Inventory is one of the main areas one should focus on for a profitable business. In big businesses, there is a different department for regular management and tracking of the inventory stock. However, keeping the manual record updated is tiresome work. Hence the QuickBooks POS 2013 Inventory Scanner plays an important role to make the job easy. Let’s find out how?

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Increase the Efficiency and Manages the Order-

The software helps to manage the inventory in order. It provides the exact location and number of the items of the inventory which allows you to track it down very easily. The features result in an increase in efficiency and save time.

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Set Precise Delivery Dates-

QuickBooks POS Inventory Scanner is very efficient in scheduling the time and date of the order. It schedules a realistic and achievable delivery time according to the stocks, location, and other information of the inventory.

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Increase the Productivity-

The in-built software also manages to decrease the order fulfillment times, provides real-time visibility, and less inventory excess.

Feature of Inventory Scanner of QuickBooks POS

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QuickBooks Inventory Scanner is well content with innovative tools and features. It makes the managing and tracking of the stock very effortless. The following are a few features of the product:

  • Interface-

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QuickBooks Inventory Scanner provides a user-friendly interface that helps the technical newbies easy handling.

  • Wireless-

QuickBooks POS wireless Inventory scanner is undoubtedly portable. The compact nature helps it to gain more popularity despite its other useful features.

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  • Warehouse Management-

The Inventory Scanner allows the user to track the product stock’s location in three levels i.e row, rack, box and section, area, pallet.

It also corrects inaccurate record data, updates the real-time information, and minimizes errors.

The scanner transfers the inventory information from one location to another to reduce the delay and increase efficiency.

  • Inventory Forecasting-

The inventory scanner tracks the location, stock, and counts of the stored products so that it can manage the sales record, purchase order, and reorder in case of shortage.

The in-built software of the scanner can easily calculate the products that are needed to be restocked and place the required order with one click.

It also ensures ordering the right quantity of the stock to avoid any wastage or rush shipping fees. By keeping an accurate track it can also avoid the stock-out situation.

  • Serial Number Tracking-

The scanner ensures complete management by adding serial numbers to the products. It also identifies any faults or defects in the products for quality purposes. The serial number tag helps to track the purchase of products, stock-out, and other essential details.

  • Lot Number Tracking-

The feature of lot number tracking allows the scanner to track down the products of the same batch. And if it detects some faults it can easily access the lot rather than checking all the items, which also saves time.

The user can have a close eye on each and every product.

  • Update Inventory in Real-Time-

The Cycle Count feature allows the user to manage the inventory without closing the warehouse. The inventory scanner can scan the details of the products from different warehouses and update real-time information. The in-built software of the scanner collects the product counts from a different warehouse and updates the information to a central inventory dashboard. The feature also helps to adjust the import and export counts.

  • Updates Vendor’s Information-

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The in-built software allows the user to update the information of the vendors with its feature named Alternate Vendors Center. It collects and segregates the vendors’ information in a central place including the name, number, location, deal price, etc. With the use of the scanner, it is easy to get the information of the vendor.

The inventory scanner tracks down other respective information related to delivery like shortage or delivery times, and others.

  • Customize Inventory Reports-

The users can customize the inventory reports to increase the insight and flexibility of the business. It also provides the inventory stock by item, valuation summary, and assembles the shortage.

How to Use QuickBooks POS Inventory Scanner

The physical inventory scanner QuickBooks POS allows you to scan the inventory without uploading the data. The scanner provides you with a very efficient and straightforward user interface. To get the best of the scanner follow a few basic steps.

  1. First, you need to enter the counts and scan the products.
  2. After completing the scanning, upload the scanned data to the QuickBooks POS.
  3. Recheck and review the scanned information in case of some customization.
  4. Now save the data in the Physical Inventory window.
  5. Update the quantities with the counts.
  6. After the successful update, you can now clear the scans from the physical inventory scanner unit.

You can also use the Inventory scanner with manual entries. The user can update the inventory regardless of how the stock got there.

  1. You have to turn the scanner ON.
  2. After that click Esc, multiple times till you reach the main menu.
  3. Click on the option Select Data.
  4. Select Scan and Enter the Quantity.
  5. Then you have to scan the barcode of one unit of the product you are counting. The beep sound from the scanner signifies the successful scan.
  6. Enter the number of the unit using the keypad/keyboard.
  7. Click Enter.
  8. Repeat the same procedure for a successful scanning of all the items.

Set-up and Installation of the Physical Inventory Scanner of QuickBooks POS

Follow the following steps to set up your QuickBooks POS Inventory Scanner:

  1. The power wire of the scanner comes with two end plugging points. One of them is the source of the power, while the other one goes into the cradle of the hardware.
  2. Attach the USB cable with the Physical Inventory Scanner cradle.
  3. The scanner comes with a Li-ion category battery, insert it into the scanner.
  4. After inserting the battery, turn on the scanner, connecting it with the cradle.

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After the set-up, follow the points instructed below to install the software:

  1. Play the POS CD into the system’s drive for CD-ROM.
  2. If it prompts to launch wizard, then click on the Cancel option.
  3. To use the set-up, you need to select the option “Setup Wizard” on the displayed menu.
  4. Follow the instructions on the screen when prompted to attach the Physical Inventory Scanner with the device.

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The above was a full guide of the QuickBooks POS Inventory Scanner. The product is very effective and efficient for those you want to start, grow, or improve their business. The inventory scanner provides a helping hand to keep the inventory, vendor, and stock details at your fingertips.