QuickBooks VS Square

QuickBooks Vs Square: Best Accounting Software for Business

If you are looking for a good Point of Sale application and are confused between QuickBooks and Square, then this article will definitely help you out. Read till the end.

QuickBooks Point of Scale and Square Point of Sale are two retail management software that helps users to manage their stores more efficiently. Both the applications have their own merits and demerits. In this article, we will discuss the features, cost, and which one is better? We are here to answer.

However, before discussing the differences between Square POS and QuickBooks POS, let’s try to understand each of the software separately.

QuickBooks POS

QuickBooks vs square

Intuit developed the QuickBook POS to help retail shop owners with a helping hand to track their sales, purchase, and inventory. It has a straightforward and user-friendly interface. It provides features to manage the customer’s details including name, numbers, address, etc. QuickBooks also allows barcodes scanning, refund discounts, and many more. There are three versions of QuickBooks POS- POS Basic, POS pro, and POS Multi-Store.

The below are the features of QuickBooks POS:

  • Employees Management-

The Multi-Store and Pro version of the software helps the user to manage the details of the employees regarding working hours, performance, and commissions. The applications also keep safe records and regularly update the data to the QuickBooks accounting software.

  • Gifts Cards and Discounts-

The software provides an easy way to understand your customer more clearly according to their purchasing history. QuickBooks POS also allows the creation of discounts and gift cards on the customer’s birthday or any other special occasion. In this way, the software helps to generate good retailer and customer relations.

  • Inventory Management-

The application provides the user with an effortless inventory management feature. Inventory Management allows to closely track inventory storage, inventory forecasting, tag customization, and many more.

  • Hardware Compatibility-

The QuickBooks POS software is compatible with a wide range of devices including tag printer, cash drawer, barcode scanner, receipt printer, Microsoft Surface Pro, etc.

  • Pricing-

QuickBooks POS Cost is a little more expensive than other POS products. The cheapest version of the QuickBooks POS is the POS Basic, users can get a subscription at $1,200. While the other two versions of the software, POS Pro and POS Multi-Store are $1,700 and $1,900 respectively.

Square POS

Square vs Quickbooks

Square POS system is said to be one of the best software for retail stores. It has some amazing features that track the customer information, customers’ profile, and also manage the purchasing history. Square POS is a cloud-based application hence can easily manage and update the data. It also helps the users to ensure contactless payment, allows them to accept the transaction from any mode, and manages the sales records.

The software is most popular among users because of its incredible features. The user-friendly interface is one of the reasons for its gaining popularity. Let’s go through its features:

  • Inventory Management-

The software allows the users to track and manage the inventory. Square POS also has a feature that can send email and messages to a particular recipient when the inventory has low or out-of-stock items.

It organizes the sales receipts and products in a grid. Using the application you can select the tax discounts, quantity, size, and other properties of the products.

  • Employee Management-

The software also allows you to manage the employee’s details. The user can view the different tasks assigned to the employees and also track their work progress.

  • Retail Management-

Square POS has an additional feature of Inventory tracking. The application helps the user to transfer the inventory to various locations. It also can generate barcode labels for the products, which helps the users in proper tracking of the inventory. The software creates a customer profile automatically and allows the user to recover the customer’s purchase history.

  • Online Payment Processing-

Square POS also allows credit card transactions. The purchase details help to keep track which makes the checkout easy. The user can integrate the device along with accounting software using APIs to manage all the deposits.

  • Pricing-

Square POS is free to use. It charges no cost for setup or monthly use. The user only has to pay while taking payment. The processing rate of the software is 2.6% + 10¢ Per tap, dip, or swipe.

Comparison: Square vs QuickBooks

Quickbooks POS

Since both the applications are very popular among users, it is difficult to select one from them. We have discussed each of the software separately and studied their features. Now we are going to break down the difference between these two for better understanding. The comparison would also help you to choose which one would be best for your use.

Number of Users

Square allows more users than QuickBooks. In QB POS only up to 99 users can use one account at a time. Whereas Square allows more than 1000+ users to work on a single account.


Both the software are very straightforward to use. However, users found that Square has a more user-friendly interface than QuickBooks. According to a few reviews, the interface of the QB POS sometimes confuses and is difficult to use. Whereas, there are no such issues with Square.

Customer Support

QuickBooks POS does not provide good customer support. The support facility is not efficient to help the customers when they face some issue. On the other hand, the customer of Square seems pretty satisfied with the software’s customer service facility.


QuickBooks POS is lagging behind in the market because of its expensive subscription. Despite the amazing features of the software, customers do not generally opt for the application due to the high cost. In contrast, Square is budget-friendly. The customers of Square do not have to pay a penny as a monthly cost or for setup.

Customer Management

The users can create customer account profiles on QuickBooks POS. The feature helps to keep a proper track of their customer’s purchasing history and sector of interest. These records allow the retailer to reach the target consumers during sales or campaigns. But, Square does not have any such feature for customer management.

Electronic Signature

QuickBooks does not provide any such feature of electronic signature. Whereas the customer of Square can use the useful feature for many security purposes.


Square hardware has a modern compact look. It can be easily plugged into tablets or smartphones. One can buy the hardware of Square at a cheap price of $10. On the other hand, the hardware of QuickBooks POS is a bit limited and less modern. The user can buy a separate receipt printer, barcode scanner, cash drawer, wireless barcode scanner, and tag printer. The QuickBooks hardware is also expensive as its software.


QuickBooks POS


Developed by Intuit Square CA
Number of Users 1-99 1-1000+
Interface Difficult Easy
Customer Service Moderate Good
Pricing Expensive Cheap
Customer Management Feature Available Not Available
Electronic Signature Not Available Available
Hardware Old Fashioned and Expensive Modern, Compact, and Cheap
Best Use in Small or moderate business/retailer. Anyone who wants to start/run/grow their business.

The above is the comparison between Square and QuickBooks. Hopefully, the article has provided an informative insight into both the software. Consider carefully reading the article before choosing the right POS for your business.