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Simple Steps To Restore a Portable File in Quickbooks

QuickBooks is getting lots of attention from users worldwide. It has helped so many small and mid-sized businesses to operate financial tasks. However, users end up with data loss and data damage if not created a portable file. This file helps us to keep the data safe while restricting all kinds of malware and viruses. 

Well, working on QuickBooks is no more than a task. The user has to go through several problems whenever there occurs any errors. So, it is highly recommendable to restore portable files in QuickBooks. If you don’t know how to do it then make sure to scroll down till you get complete knowledge. Now, let’s move on and learn what is QuickBooks portable file. 

Restore a Portable File in Quickbooks

What is the Quickbooks Desktop Portable Company file? 

If you are a Quickbooks user then you are the one who really needs to know about this Quickbooks portable file. This file is a compact copy of the financial data of the company file which can be efficiently transferred back and forth. A user can transfer data to this file via email or any portable media like flash or external drive. But this file does not contain templates, images, and logos and also does not contain transaction logs. Quickbooks portable company file is useful to solve any data problem in QB company file or also can be used when the user uninstalls or reinstall the QB desktop or upgrades the version of Quickbooks. This file re-indexes the data while restoring the portable company file. 

Important Key Notes

  • Make sure that QuickBooks software is up to date before troubleshooting.
  • All QuickBooks versions need you to log in as the Admin to create & return the portable replica or copy.
  • In case, you provide the copy of the portable copy to someone – they will automatically gain all the access of the QuickBooks & will be able to add/modify the transaction & alter the Administrator password.
  • In case, you made an attempt to solve the data issues, make sure that you do not overwrite the original file while restoring the portable copy. The best method is to rename the original file before restoring the portable company file.
  • Consider using the accountant’s copy while sending the company file to the accountant.

How to Create a Portable File in Quickbooks? 

Do follow the below steps to create or establish a Quickbooks Portable Company file

  • To initiate this process, you have to make sure that you are logged in to Quickbooks as an Administrator.
  • Now go to the File menu and click on the create copy option.
  • After that, you need to search and click on the Quickbooks portable company file and then click on the next option there.
  • Now while saving the file you have to type a unique name for the file, which makes it easy to search among all other files.
  • Now you have to choose a location for the file to save where you can easily find the file on the system.
  • Finally, click on the Save button and then click on the ok button.     

Now that your system has Quickbooks portable file that you established right now. With the help of this file, you can easily send the company file online and also keep it on a USB. This file is located with the extension name .qbm

How to Restore A Portable File in Quickbooks? 

The below-written steps define the process of restoring a portable file in Quickbooks. Follow the steps:

  • First, open the Quickbooks desktop and then go to the File Menu
  • Now you have to select the open or restore company option

how to restore company file in Quickbooks

  • After that, look for the .qbm file where you saved it at the time of its creation, after finding it open it
  • Now a page prompted on the screen stating Where you want to restore the file, click next on it.

how to restore a portable file in quickbooks,

  • Now, browse and select the Local Backup file from the folder and provide it a name.
  • After that, you have to tap on the Open button and then hit the Next option
  • Now a Save-in window will appear on the screen, where you have to save the restored file.  

how to restore a portable file in quickbooks,

  • Now carefully read and respond by clicking on the save button when the message appears on the screen. 

how to restore a portable file in quickbooks,

Methods to Resolve Unable to Create or Restore Company File Issue

There are different methods to resolve this error, do follow the methods along with steps.

Method 1: Copy the Quickbooks Company Files

  1. First, open the folder where the QB company files are saved.
  2. Now click on the needed file and right-click on it, and then select the Copy, these two essentials are important to copy while restoring the file and data
    • copy the .qbw extension file/files.
    • copy the .qbm extension file/files.
  3. Paste the file anywhere on the desktop.
  4. After that, press the Ctrl key and click on the QuickBooks icon simultaneously. This step launches the No Company Open window.
  5. Now, try to create & restore the portable file.

Method 2: Try the Sample File to work

  1. Initially, Open a Sample File tab in the No Company Open Windows
  2. You can make use of the company file to create the portable file. Now, save it to the Desktop.
  3. Under the File menu, you will have to select the Close Company/Logoff option.
  4. Now try to restore the portable file that you wish to.

Method 3: Repair Quickbooks Desktop

quickbooks portable company file,

  • To start this method, the user has to Ctrl +Alt + Del keys simultaneously on the keyboard. Task Manager
  • And then select the option and then choose the Process tab. 
  • Now, Right-Click on any of the QuickBooks processes and then click on the End Process button
  • You will see a confirmation process window appear on the screen, select the end all processes option in the tab.
  • Now restart Quickbooks again.
  • Finally, click on Repair QuickBooks.

Method 4: Clean installation of Quickbooks

restore quickbooks file,

  • To initiate Clean Installation on Quickbooks you have to Open Quickbooks Tool Hub.
  • And then navigate to the Installation problems tab
  • Inside this tab, click on the clean install tool.
  • After clicking on the clean install tool, it starts working and takes away all Quickbooks-related files automatically. It’ll then set up the Quickbooks desktop software package.


Regarding all these paragraphs written above in the context of the Restore Quickbooks file, we hope you restore the file without any hassle. The above methods and steps are so easy that you can easily perform this on your own and create a backup of your Quickbooks company file on a portable file. This Quickbooks portable file can be sent online via e-mail or transferred on a USB.