Fixing Quickbooks Error 1334: Best Troubleshooting Guide

Fixing QuickBooks Error 1334: Best Troubleshooting Guide

QuickBooks is known for being accurate, fast, user-friendly, and multitasking accounting software. Even though its developer keeps introducing the latest updates from time to time, some issues keep frustrating the users. Also, these errors pop up at any time – during installing the application, accessing company files, repairing or downloading updates. One of the most troublesome errors that users encounter at different times is Quickbooks Error 1334. This error takes place when the system contains incomplete, corrupt, or damaged QBs Installation files or .NET framework. This nagging error immediately stops you from performing your daily tasks and bring more error with it.

So, we have created this informative article to explain all about QuickBooks Error 1334 and fixation methods to repair it. But before that, let’s learn what exactly is Error 1334 Quickbooks.

Quickbooks Repair Error 1334: All Explained

After receiving this issue, you may see these error messages on the desktop screen:

  • Error 1334 Quickbooks: Error writing to file name. Verify that you’ve proper access to that list.
  • Error 1334: The file can’t be installed. Insert the QBs CD and retry.

This is the screenshot of the error:

quickbooks error 1334

Circumstances when QuickBooks Error 1334 occur:

  • While starting Windows.
  • Turning off windows.
  • While installing QuickBooks.
  • While QuickBooks is running.

Signs to Identify Quickbooks Error 1334

Signs to Identify QuickBooks error 1334

Sometimes users get confused after getting this error as they can’t identify it. Therefore, to save you from this confusing confusion, we have listed the symptoms of this error.

  • The computer keeps hanging periodically.
  • Windows Operating system performs slow.
  • The operating system responds sluggishly to inputs by keyboard and mouse.
  • Error messages come repeatedly and crash your screen.
  • Quickbooks won’t open properly.

It is helpful to track when and where the issue occurs to resolve it without much problem.

Reasons for Quickbooks Error 1334

Reasons for Quickbooks Error 1334

Quickbooks Error 1334 doesn’t just occur out of the blue as there are some factors that give birth to it. Let’s learn all the possible reasons so that you could avoid this troublesome error in the future.

  • Malicious software like Malware, Virus, etc.
  • Corrupt Windows registry
  • You might have recently made some changes in the QuickBooks-related software.
  • Windows files are corrupt/damaged.
  • Some QuickBooks-related important files got accidentally removed.
  • Incomplete QuickBooks installation.
  • Corrupt QuickBooks software.
  • Missing QBs company files.

Now, that you have learned the causes, symptoms of this error, you can easily understand the solutions to fix it.  

Error 1334 Quickbooks 2009: Proven Solutions to Fix It

You must repair this error on time as it can severely damage your company files. Don’t worry, this error is fixable with some technical aid that we will provide you later. Make sure to perform all steps in order to achieve the desired result.

Condition 1: If the Error Occurred While Installing or Accessing QuickBooks

Error 1334 QuickBooks

  • Open QBs company file having extension .qbw.
  • Tap twice on the company file.

Condition 2: If the Error Occurred While Updating or Accessing QuickBooks

For this, you have to uninstall first and then reinstall QuickBooks using a clean install. To do this step, it’s important to uninstall the software completely as it uninstalls the damaged company file also after which you can conduct a clean install. After that, when you install it back you will get everything backed up as well as updated. This method has the highest success rate among other methods to repair this or any other QBs error. The steps for downloading a clean install are:

  • First of all, visit Intuit site and download the file- “QuickBooks_clean_install_tool.exe.” Then save it.
  • Now tap on your file to open “Exe.”
  • The following step is to read and “Accept the license agreement.”
  • Now, select the Quickbooks version you’re using and tap on “Continue.”

QuickBooks clean install tool

  • After that, tap on “OK” after the notification “QuickBooks isn’t ready for a clean install, install to its default directory.”

Also, after finishing the process, rename the folders manually as mentioned below:

  • C:\ ProgramData\ Intuit\ QuickBooks (year)
  • C:\ Users\ (user)\ AppData\ Local\ Intuit\ QuickBooks (year)
  • 64_bit version C:\ Program Files (86)\ Intuit\ QuickBooks (year)
  • C:\ Program Files\ Intuit\ QuickBooks (year)

Then, you can install the QuickBooks desktop easily. In the end, check if the Quickbooks Error 1334 repaired or not.

Solution 1: Add or Remove Program

By adding or removing a program, you can make a successful attempt to fix Quickbooks error 1334.

  • First of all, hold the Windows key and write ‘MSConfig‘ in the ‘Search box.’


  • Select the ‘Boot tab‘.
  • Now, choose ‘Safe Boot’ then ‘Network‘.
  • Tap on ‘Ok‘ and choose ‘Restart‘.
  • Allow the system to work in ‘Safe Mode.’
  • Now, the chosen programs to run will startup.
  • You will now be able to open and run QuickBooks without any obstruction.
  • Just open ‘QuickBooks Desktop‘.
  • Navigate to ‘Help.’

quickbooks error

  • Select “Update QuickBooks”, then allow the software to run the updates.
  • Now, return back to “Start”, write ‘MSConfig‘, and uncheck/deselect ‘Safe Mode‘.
  • After that, restart the PC for the modifications to take place.
  • After the system reboots using normal mode, then open QBs software and install updates that come up.
  • In the end, wait till the “Updates” get completed, it should repair QuickBooks Error 1334.

Solution 2: Clean Install MS-Windows

Clean Install MS-Windows

When you perform Uninstallation and reinstallation, it deletes all the stored data from the system’s hard drive after which your system starts afresh. You can clean install the windows to remove the junk and unwanted log files stored on the system over a long time from internet surfing and other utilization.

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Solution 3: Installing Microsoft .NET Framework

This solution is efficient enough to fix all installation errors. But, make sure to perform these steps in order.

For Windows 10, 8.1, 8:

  • First of all, exit from all programs.
  • Now, open the “Start” window and write “Control Panel” to open it.
  • Navigate to “Programs and Features.”
  • After that, select “Uninstall a Program.” (Relax we aren’t uninstalling any program).

Installing Microsoft .NET Framework

  • Look for “.NET Framework” on the list.
  • Then confirm the .NET Framework 4.5 and turn it off.
  • Now, tap on “OK” to store the changes.
  • Reboot your PC.
  • In the end, sign back into Windows, and follow similar steps for turning on .NET Framework 4.5.
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Solution 4: Manually Resolve Quickbooks Error 1334

This is the last but effective solution to fix this frustrating error. Follow these troubleshooting steps:

  • First of all, you need to login in as an “Admin” on your system.

QuickBooks Error 1334 login

  • After that select “Accessories & Programs” then “System Tools” and then choose “Restore.”
  • Now a window will show up on your screen where you have to choose “Restore my PC.” Followed by tapping on “Next.”
  • Choose a “Restoration Point List” and tap again on “Next.”
  • Now you will see a “Verification screen”, reach there and choose the newest system restore data and hit “Next.”
  • Restart the system after concluding the process.

You are good to go!

Final Words

We truly hope that you find this informative article worthy and helpful to repair Quickbooks Error 1334. These methods are easy to understand and any newbie can easily apply them to resolve the issue. However, if you face difficulty while following any of the above solutions then you can communicate with Quickbooks Customer Support. The team can be contacted anytime as they are available 24×7 to assist you with their best guidance.

It’s time to conclude our post but you can stay in touch with us by visiting our website to read more such interesting articles.