How to Use Automated Password Reset Tool for QuickBooks? [Guide]

Quickbooks Password Reset Tool

Download Quickbooks Password Reset Tool to recover lost Quickbooks Password.

Locally Open Your Company File

QuickBooks software is suggested and trusted by many entrepreneurs for managing business’ financial tasks with an unlimited range of tools. This amazing software has completely evolved the accounting industry at a rapid rate and is dominating the accounting world. If you want to access your data in QB then it is obvious that you will be needing a password for that to protect it from unauthorized access. The software asks you to fill in a password each time to keep your data safe from hackers and avoid its misuse. But wait, did you forget your password? If you forget your credentials then you yourself will not be able to use QuickBooks. This is when the role of the Quickbooks password reset tool comes into play.

In this informative post, you will get all information about Quickbook automated password reset tool to obtain a new password.

You will be required these details mentioned below to reset your password using the automated password reset tool Quickbooks.

  • License Number
  • Phone Number
  • Contact Name
  • Postcode

Basic Requirements for Resetting Your Password

Basic Requirements for Resetting Password

You must follow certain criteria before resetting the password:

  • Change the QBs password every 90 days/3 months! Set the reminders for changing your password timely.
  • Use minimum 7 characters passwords.
  • Use at least one numeric character.
  • One uppercase letter must be used.
  • Use no spaces between the password.
  • Make your passwords case sensitive.
  • Use a password that can be remembered easily and hard to crack.
  • Make sure to not log in to your account on any single network.
  • Do not add social information during password creation.

When you open the login page of the QBs, you have to tap on Forgot password and try to reset the password using QuickBooks automated password reset tool.

Automated Password Reset Tool for Quickbooks: Guide to Use

quickbooks password reset tool

There is a point to note down that you crack the password using two available options: 

  1. QuickBooks Automated Password Reset Tool
  2. Reset QuickBooks password by answering a security question

Let’s understand how to Reset Passwords using an Automated Password Reset Tool for Quickbooks:

  • The first step is to do the Quickbooks Automated Password Reset Tool Direct Download from Intuit’s website.
  • Second of all, choose a version of QuickBooks that you use.
  1. U.S version of QBs Desktop
  2. U.K version of QBs Desktop
  3. The Canadian version of QBs Desktop

Check the image below for more clarification.

quickbooks password reset tool

You have to make sure you have that version of QBs that opened the last company file or else you will face extreme difficulty in resetting a password.

Here is how you can Determine the QuickBooks Version you used Last Time

  • First of all, look for the ‘Product version‘ and then release their numbers.
  • Choose the product from the available list and see how to check the QBs version and then disclose the details and follow the below instructions.
  • QuickBooks Statement Writer: Choose ‘Reports‘ and then ‘QuickBooks Statement Writer‘ respectively in QBs.
  • After you open the program, choose the ‘Help option‘ and then select About ‘QuickBooks Statement Writers‘. You can find the version details in the About window.
  • Merchant Services: There is no version because Quickbooks used these services.
  • Point of Sale: Choose ‘Help‘ then pick up ‘Product Information’. You will find details on the version/release.
  • QuickBooks Basic or Enhanced Payroll: Select ‘Employees‘ and then go to ‘Payroll Centers‘
  • Tap on the ‘Payroll‘ option.
  • QuickBooks for Mac: Select ‘Help‘ and then reach out to the ‘Product Information’.
  • QuickBooks Desktop: Press ‘F2‘ to open the window of Product Information.

Note: Install .Net Framework 4.5 to run the Quickbooks password reset tool.

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Step 2: Steps to use Quickbooks Password Reset Tool

  • Enter details in the segments like ‘QuickBooks license number’ and the company details you had used while registering in QBs.
  • Your phone number should be 10 digits having no extension at last. Then select the country and edit your phone number and then save it.
Enter details to use quickbooks password reset tool
  • The next part is to click on ‘Agree and accept the license agreement’. 
  • Wait until the downloading is finished.
  • When prompted enter your username, primary mailing address, email, and Zipcode.
  • Give the license number and telephone number as well.
Give the license number and telephone number
  • Run the ‘Automated Password Reset tool’.
  • Choose the QuickBooks version.
  • Browse that company file you need to create a password for.
  • Type the ‘New Password’ and check it. Try to include capital and small letters, special characters, and numbers to make your password strong to crack.
  • Click on the option of ‘Reset Password’ to conclude the process of password resetting.

Reset QBs Password using Security Question 

We explained to you how to reset passwords utilizing the Quickbooks password reset tool but there is another method for that also. You can click on the option “I forgot my password”.

  • First, you have to tap on the “I forgot my password” in the QBs login window.
I forgot my password
  • Choose the option ‘Answer the security question’.
  • Give the right answer to the question.
  • Now you will come across a window reading “Your password and security answer has been removed and the company files are not password protected anymore“
  • After this window gets closed, create a fresh password and pick a new answer to the security question.
  • This step will set the new password and security question.

You are good to go!

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s)

What does Quickbooks Password Reset Tool Do?

The Quickbooks Password Reset Tool helps in resetting the Admin password through which you can access the QBs company data file as the admin user.

How to Create a Strong Admin Password?

While resetting the password using Quickbooks Password Reset Tool- use 7 minimum characters passwords, one numeric character, an uppercase letter, no spaces between the login password, create a case sensitive password, use a password that can be remembered quickly and difficult to crack, never login your account on any single network, never add any social information while generating a password. 

Winding Up

This post is focused on how to reset Qs admin password using the Quickbooks password reset tool and aspects related to it. The process is quite simple to follow and can be implemented by any beginner. If you have complex doubts or query then feel free to contact customer support for QuickBooks anytime. The experts are available 24×7 to solve your problems and give you the best guidance. 

Also if you successfully reset your password using the information provided in this productive post then do visit our website to read more such worthy articles.