Quickbooks Error 179: Causes, Symptoms and Proven Solutions (Guide)

Quickbooks Error 179: Causes, Symptoms and Proven Solutions (Guide)

QuickBooks is a powerful financial software that can efficiently handle the financial side of any company. Developed by Intuit, the software gets regular updates and advanced features from time to time. These updates can often lead to technical and functional issues. One such error is “Quickbooks Error 179” which occurs when you attempt to log into the bank’s website while using this software. Your bank-related tasks get stuck in between and it affects the transactions and payments process. Therefore, this banking error needs immediate fixing so that you could resume your work. Let’s learn about the Error 179 Quickbooks in brief.

Quickbooks Error Code 179: All Explained

Quickbooks Error 179

Quickbooks Error 179 is also known as a banking error because it affects your bank’s website first. This error occurs while logging in to your bank site to complete payments as well as other transactions. This issue can have a serious impact on your business as it leads to bank website crashing, failed transactions, unable to open the bank statement, etc. 

After receiving this error, the Quickbooks software restricts the bank to get any data by locking the entire website. This error leads to chaos among companies as their daily tasks include making payments, transactions, checking the balance, etc. so, it is very important to fix Quickbooks Desktop Error 179 as soon as possible. 

Reasons for QuickBooks Error Code 179

Quickbooks Error 179

No error just pops out from anywhere. There are many factors behind its occurrence. It is equally important to understand the reasons because once you learn the factors, you can always prevent the roots to avoid it further. So, let’s check out the causes:

  • Issues in some reports like invoices, bills, negative values, etc.
  • Missing transactions in QuickBooks.
  • Errors in your company files.
  • Entering invalid credentials to log in to the software.
  • An unstable network connection can also cause “Quickbooks Rebuild Error 179.”
  • The system is threatened by a virus.
  • The cache files are accumulated over a long time and creating issues in the Internet browser.
  • Damaged company files.
  • Unable to open all accounts on the balance sheet.
  • You might have not logged out of the previous session.

Symptoms to Identify Quickbooks Error 179

Quickbooks Error 179

Now, it’s time to learn how can the signs and symptoms your system shows when Quickbooks Error 179 occurs. 

  • Some company files get missing or damaged.
  • QuickBooks software stops functioning properly and consumes much time to the commands.
  • The software starts freezing frequently.
  • Mouse and keyboard work sluggishly.
  • The system hangs the moment you open QBs.
  • The application starts inputting null values.
  • Windows get corrupted.

Fixing Quickbooks Error 179: Proven Solutions

As we know that, this error can impact your workflow and business growth, therefore it becomes necessary to fix it. We have explained proven solutions to fix the error instantly. But before that,  you need to keep some points in your mind. Have a look:

  • Log out from your bank’s site.
  • Establish a stable internet connection to carry the fixing process smoothly.

Solution 1: Clear Logins from Multiple Browser

Log out

This is the first and most effective solution to repair the QuickBooks Error 179. You have to clear the multiple account logins from the system. The steps are:

  • Firstly, sign out of the bank website from all other browsers.
  • Make sure that no other person has logged in to the bank with similar credentials. same information. However, if there is someone like your friend or colleague who is using similar credentials then politely ask her/him to log out from that account.
  • In the end, enter the credentials of the bank in the QBs desktop and access the bank website.

Solution 2: Clear the Browsing History

Clear the Browsing History

The second solution is to clear the browsing data/history. This is because the cache gets accumulated over time and leads to Quickbooks Error 179. The steps are:

  • The first step is to open “Chrome” on the system.
  • Navigate to “Settings” and tap on “More” located in the right section of “Menu.”
  • Tap on the option of “More Tools” first and then on “Remove the Browsing Data.”
  • If a menu comes up with multiple options then choose all browsing data like cookies, cache, etc.
  • After all the boxes are marked, tap on “Clear Browsing Data

Solution 3: Export QBs Desktop Backup Key


Another proven method is to export QBs desktop Backup key. Steps to be performed here are:

  • Tap on the “Start” and write “Command” in the search box.
  • Now hold, shift + CTRL, and hit “Enter.”
  • A dialogue black box will come on the screen, tap on “Yes.”
  • In the black  box, write “Regedit” and hit “Enter.”
  • Now “Registry Editor” will come on the screen, choose the “Error 179.”
  • After that reach out to “Menu” and select “Export.”
  • From the system, pick a QBs Pro backup key.
  • Tap on “OK” to update the registry key.
  • Open the “Internet Browser”, fill in all the necessary information and then visit the bank’s website.
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Solution 4: Update the Financial Institution

Updating the bank can help to solve QuickBooks error 179. Sometimes, the QuickBooks software encounters problems in receiving the bank data due to missing or mismatching files. Therefore, it is equally important to update your financial (bank) account. 

Update bank

The steps are:

  • First of all, open the “Tools” and select the “Online Center.”
  • It’ll then take you to the list of  “Financial Institutions”.
  • Choose your “Financial Institution” to update.
  • Now, hold the Ctrl + F3 together.
  • After that, you have to choose the “Contact Information” at top of “Online Center.” 
  • Then, choose “Financial institution” (bank) that you need to update and tap on “Refresh.”
  • Inside the “Current Status,” list down the profile and branding details.
  • Followed by, hitting “OK” and then choose “Update/Send.”
  • Now, you have to fill in the password if prompted.
  • Now, try to update your system.
  • In the end, confirm if the Quickbooks Error 179 is finally fixed or not.
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Solution 5: Accessing QBWin.log in Windows

  • First of all, visit the “QBWin.log” location using File explorer.
  • Path: C: \ Users \ YOUR USER NAME \ AppData \ Local \ Intuit \ QuickBooks \ log \ XX.X \ QBWin.log
  • Here in this path, XX.X indicates your QuickBooks Desktop Version.
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Final Words

We truly hope that this informative article is sufficient enough to enlighten you about Quickbooks Error 179 and the methods to resolve it permanently. You need to perform the above-mentioned methods in an orderly manner to achieve the desired outcome. We hope you find this post worthy of identifying and fixing this nagging error.

If you need any further guidance then you can communicate with Quickbooks Customer Support. The expert team is available 24×7 to help you out with your queries.