QuickBooks Error 103

Troubleshoot QuickBooks Error 103 with 4 Simple Methods

Sometimes it might be possible that you got the error while you are trying to log in to your bank account. And you start searching for it in order to get out of this. Then a message is shown on your screen: QuickBooks Error 103. It prevails when you try to log in to your QuickBooks through login credentials but it doesn’t match with your Financial Institution.

So, for that, you must update the login details. Well, the guide covers everything about the issue. We will provide you with the best solutions but before that look at its causes. Let’s start.

QuickBooks online error code 103

What is QuickBooks Online Error 103?

Quickbooks online error 103 comes under the 100 error series. It occurs when the Quickbooks online credentials for login do not match with the bank’s website. Additionally, you can say that error 103 Quickbooks signifies that the software is not accepting the login request and you need to update the login details in Quickbooks online. The older passwords that you entered to access the bank’s site are now futile. 

As the name suggests, it is an online error that indicates online corruption. Well, it can be removed by some simple methods that are covered in this post. So, scroll down and explore after knowing the causes behind it. 

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Factors Behind the QuickBooks Error 103

Below are provided some handpicked reasons responsible for the QuickBooks online error 103.

  • Missing cookies can be the reason behind this error emerge
  • If the .msi file has bugs
  • When an important configuration in Internet Explorer is missing.
  • If there’s a configuration problem in Quickbooks.
  • Quickbooks error 103 can also emerge when permission for hardware is denied. 

Keep all the above factors in mind to avoid error 103 Quickbooks in the future. You can simply cut off all the roots that hinder the workflow. 

How to Fix Banking Error 103 in QuickBooks Online?

When you opt to apply any of the errors that are explained below, it’s advised to create a backup of your company file to avoid any data loss.

Now when you are applying these methods to your system, make sure to apply methods one by one until you find the suitable solution that completely resolves the error according to the situation of your system. 

Solution 1: Edit Sign-in Information in QuickBooks

Edit login information in QuickBooks

  • Open the QuickBooks desktop. 
  • Visit the menu bar and choose Banking for your account. 
  • Then, click on Edit Sign-in info. 
  • Afterward, pick Hyperlink to access the Bank’s website. 
  • You will see a window there. 
  • Try to examine if you can see the account summary or not. 
  • Just try to move into your bank account.

Solution 2: Disconnect the Account

  • To initiate, hit transactions. 
  • Also, pick Banking. 
  • Then, choose the account that you want to disconnect or stop. 
  • Click on the Pencil button. 
  • Choose Edit Account info. 
  • Hit the Save button to save all these changes. 

Solution 3: Link Quickbooks and Bank Account 

  • The first and foremost step for you to do is to opt for the Transactions button.

Connect Your Bank Accounts with QuickBooks

  • Click on the Banking button. 
  • Now, opt for the Add Account button.
  • Make sure to specify the bank’s name. 
  • Meanwhile, a new message stating “New connection with a different login” will pop up on the screen. 
  • Consequently, visit the bank’s website with acceptable sign-in details. 
  • Try to link the QB account with the bank account. 
  • Also, hit Connect. 
  • Choose OK when the procedure gets completed. 

Solution 4: Verify the Login Credentials   

  • Choose to Verify the Login Credentials option on the error text that pops up on your screen.
  • Meanwhile, a new dialogue box will appear with a type-in field.
  • Try to log out from the Bank’s website.
  • Head towards QuickBooks online and access the software. 
  • Specify the ID and password that you used before. 
  • Finally, choose Update Sign-in Info.
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QuickBooks error 103  mainly occurs when Quickbooks online credentials for login do not match with the bank’s website. This can happen due to various reasons like missing cookies, bugs in the .msi file, or configuration problems in Quickbooks. However, the good part is, you can fix this issue We hope that you will find this post insightful. The above solutions will be helpful for you and will solve your QuickBooks Error 103. However, if the error still prompts you then without any hesitation you can contact our team of experts at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. How do I fix a bank connection in QuickBooks?

  • Tap on Bookkeeping and choose Transactions.
  • After that click on Banking then chooses a bank account.
  • Now, press Edit to make changes to the bank name.
  • Lastly, enter your bank website login credentials.

Q2. What to do if you get a bank error or can’t download transactions in Quickbooks online?

  • Upgrade your Bank Information in QBs.
  • Perform a Manual Download.
  • Verify your Bank or Credit card website.

Q3. How do I manually import bank Transactions into QuickBooks Online?

  • Select Banking then choose Upload Transactions.
  • Click on Drag and Drop and press on the file that you have downloaded from your bank.