QuickBooks Online vs QuickBooks Hosting

QuickBooks Online vs QuickBooks Hosting

QuickBooks is an accounting software developed by Intuit that helps small and medium-sized businesses to handle accounting software like accepting business payments, managing and bill paying and etc. QuickBooks cloud hosting refers to the installation of the QuickBooks Desktop version on a network server hosted over the cloud to access a web browser from any other location. In this article, we discuss QuickBooks Online vs QuickBooks Hosting or any other pieces of information. 

What is QuickBooks Hosting and QuickBooks Online?

Quickbooks online vs Quickbooks hosting

QuickBooks Hosting is offered by a third-party service and it has so many benefits for users. The best-highlighted benefit of QuickBooks cloud hosting is the round-the-clock accessibility of the data from any time and anywhere, 24/7 free access to IT support, Real-time collaboration, and many more.

This refers to the installation of the QuickBooks Desktop version on the network server over the cloud to enable access through a web browser from any location. 

QuickBooks Online is one of the latest accounting software provided by Intuit for small and medium businesses. The software needs can be Quintessential for days and it is a fair option. 

When to use Hosting QuickBooks?

QuickBooks Hosting

There is a growing need for accomplishing a large number of businesses within less time with the need for remote accessibility. The QuickBooks hosting is now easy to business manage:-

  • Automated data backup- If you want QuickBooks hosting to automatically backup all the data. By using the hosting QuickBooks on the cloud the data is secure and backup automatically by the respective service providers. 
  • The Supportive QuickBooks version- QuickBooks online vs QuickBooks cloud hosting is not compatible with all the versions, thus you have to use the QuickBooks hosting. QuickBooks cloud hosting providers support all the types of QuickBooks desktop versions like Pro, Premier, and Enterprises. 
  • For better processing speed- QuickBooks cloud hosting runs faster and accurately depending on the providers. It is versatile and faster than QuickBooks Online. 

When to Use QuickBooks Online?

QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Online will be right for you if you want to access and manage your account and stay organized from any location. 

  • Give your accountant or other users access from any location- if you are using QuickBooks online then you can set up the user ID and password for every user who can access the data from any location in the world. 
  • The transaction by using the mobile, PC, or Mac- The QuickBooks online does not need any installation of software, you can open up a web browser from any device and log in to your account to access your data.
  • The automatic and real-time updates- QuickBooks Online can update automatically every change you and other users made. Without any external efforts, the data will be updated.  

Features of QuickBooks Hosting 

  • You can access QuickBooks hosting through the desktop icon. 
  • Access QuickBooks hosting remotely. 
  • You will get a proper and complete QuickBooks Desktop feature in it. 
  • There is a similar QuickBooks Desktop usage in QuickBooks Hosting. 
  • You can access this on mobile and multiple devices. 
  • The price and charges are managed by the servers. 
  • There is better inventory. 
  • In this QuickBooks Hosting, there is the convenience of Add-ons integrations. 
  • The processing speed of hosting is faster and depends on the server. 
  • QuickBooks hosting can take automatic backup.
  • You will get real-time multi-user collaboration.  
  • Additional application hosting is also available. 
  • There is also a shipping manager and support.

Features of QuickBooks Online

  • You can access online QuickBooks through the web browser.
  • In QuickBooks Online, you can access it remotely. 
  • There is mobile and multiple device access. 
  • The prices and charges are fixed by Intuit.
  • In this QuickBooks Online, you will get the convenience of Add-ons Integrations. 
  • The processing speed of QuickBooks Online is slower than QuickBooks Desktop. 
  • Automatic backup and real-time multi-user collaboration are also in this online version of QuickBooks. 
  • You will get the training needs in Online QuickBooks. 
  • In this, you will also get support. 
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Difference Between QB Hosting and QB Desktop


Below are the following list of difference between QuickBooks Online vs Desktop:-

Setup and Use

In QuickBooks Hosting, the provider installs your license or the leased edition of the QuickBooks desktop on off-premise shared and dedicated server environments that are in the data center. 

In QuickBooks Online, Intuit can copy QuickBooks Desktop data and transfer it to your online accounts. To use this users can access a specific version of QuickBooks by logging in to QB Online by supported web browsers. 

Support of QuickBooks Versions

In QuickBooks Online, only the online version is supported because it is an independent version. So, the QuickBooks desktop is not compatible with the online portal. 

The cloud hosting QuickBooks support all type of versions such as the commonly host QuickBooks Pro, Premier, and Enterprise in the cloud for the US and Canada customers. 


Both versions of QuickBooks maintenance are similar in that the third party is in charge of the functions. But, maintenance items are different. In the QuickBooks hosting the provider can handle day-to-day server maintenance and repair the server. 

And in QuickBooks online, Intuit maintains its portal and websites. 

Customer support

The hosting providers give their customers 24/7 connectivity support. The coverage time and type depend on the providers. Even on the weekends and holidays, they provide customers support. This is an online chat-based type of support, also the customer can request to be called by a network engineer. 

The QuickBooks online provide phone support from Monday to Friday from 6 am to 6 pm PST. This service is free during the 30 days trial and included with the paid subscriptions of QuickBooks online. Note that- ‘according to their “important offers, pricing details and disclaimers” intuit reserve the right to limit the length of calls. 

Product Update

The Online QuickBooks takes place automatically when a new update or version occurs or is available in the market. 

The QuickBooks hosting updates are handled manually, it depends on you update it or not. 

License Ownership

If you are using the hosting of QuickBooks or a traditional copy of QuickBooks Desktop, you can flat out purchase the software (only pay once) or can lease the license like monthly subscriptions. 

In the QuickBooks online, you can pay monthly subscriptions fees to intuit, and then you are not able to buy the software because it is a web-based service. 


The cost of the QuickBooks hosting or QuickBooks online is different due to its circumstances. The price of Quality of QuickBooks hosting is between $50 -$60 per month and depends on the hosting providers. 

The price of QuickBooks online starts at $20 per month to $100 per month with an add-on like the full-service payroll and the additional cost for multiple company files. 

The Similarity Between QB Online and QB Hosting


There are a few similar things between QuickBooks online vs QuickBooks desktop 2021. Follow the below-mentioned points:-

Automatic Backup Data

In both the QuickBooks hosting and QuickBooks online, the data backup is automatic by their respective service providers. The backup frequency depends on the intuit or the third-party hosting provider depending on your selection. 

Remote Accessibility

The best factor of both services is enhanced remote accessibility. Both hosting and online gives users the best opportunity to access their data and collaborate with other members at any time from any location. 

Cloud-Based Applications 

In each service, there is an ability to integrate much cloud-based accounting software that can help automate features and streamline tasks. 

Data Service Off-Premises

Both services hosting and online QuickBooks keep your data in off-premises services like you don’t have to worry about the maintenance of server or hardware upgrades cost. However, the server types of data are stored on Intuit’s service and cloud hosting provider. 

Easy to Use

The plus of both QuickBooks hosting and QuickBooks online are easy to use and doesn’t have to be an accountant to use either of these versions. 

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Final Words!

In the above-mentioned article, we discuss QuickBooks Online vs QuickBooks Hosting. We hope that all the information mentioned is helpful for you and if there is any issue related to any topic then you can check out our other posts to resolve them.