QuickBooks Update Error 1328: Proven Steps to Fix It!

QuickBooks Update Error 1328: Best Troubleshooting Methods

At present, Quickbooks is the top choice of entrepreneurs for handling financial tasks of companies with ease. Designed specially to suit small and medium-sized companies, this software is still surprising its users with new updates and bug fixes every year. If you use Quickbooks software for managing the accounting and bookkeeping of your business, then you might be aware of some common errors that can occur in it. It is natural, after all, it is just technical software. 

One such error that users often encounter is QuickBooks Update Error 1328. This error is witnessed when you try to install, uninstall or update the QBs application. The software ultimately stops working and you get stuck in the middle of your crucial work. So, it becomes super important to troubleshoot this error in order to continue the work. 

In this power-packed article, we will explain to you in-depth about this error, its symptoms, causes of occurrence, and proven methods to repair the “Error 1328 Quickbooks Update.” Let’s understand the error first.

QuickBooks Update Error 1328: Explained

QuickBooks Update Error 1328: Explained

Quickbooks Update Error 1328 is a little frustrating but common error which occurs when you are trying to update, install or uninstall Quickbooks. The birth of this error is somehow related to the folder of “C:/config.msi” in QB but can pop up in multiple ways. 

The folder of config.msi is a temporary folder that contains data from Quickbooks required to restore the installation in case it fails. When the installation process is finished successfully then the data stored in the config.msi folder can be removed. In case you do not remove this data then it begins to create problems with the installation and fixing activity in QBs and pops up the error on the screen reading –  “Quickbooks Release Update Error Message 1328.”

Factors Responsible for Error 1328 Quickbooks Update

Factors Responsible for Error 1328 Quickbooks Update

There is no error that can appear out of the blue. Every glitch, error, bug, issue occurs because of several factors. When you understand the causes then it becomes easy for you to identify the error early and fix it before it can cause data loss.

We have provided a list of causes that will guide you towards the factors that give birth to QuickBooks Update Error 1328 in your system. 

  • Downloading problems with Quickbooks software.
  • The program files are corrupt or damaged.
  • Problems with the network connectivity.
  • Issues due to a virus.
  • The Quickbooks files are improperly installed.
  • Incorrect entries in the Windows OS also cause “Quickbooks Update Error 1328 Updating The Software.”
  • Improperly shutting down the system.
  • Buying an invalid license of the software.
  • Lots of junk files in the system.

Effects Of Quickbooks Update Error 1328

How to Identify Error 1328 Quickbooks Update?

  • When this error takes place, it immediately blocks the user from installing, uninstalling, or updating the software.
  • Your window screen displays an error code message – Quickbooks Release Update Error Message 1328.
  • You can’t apply to repair methods in the application. 
  • Quickbooks stops working.
  • The windows run slow.
  • The computer responds lately to commands from the mouse and the keyboard.

QuickBooks Update Error 1328: Proven Steps to Fix It

Now you must have got a basic idea about Quickbooks update error 1328, its signs to identify, and all causes. Let’s dive into the troubleshooting methods to fix this troublesome error on your own. 

Method 1: Locating the Config.msi File

Quickbooks update error 15223

  • Right-tap on the “Start” and choose “Explore.”
  • Tap twice on the key related to ‘C’ drive.
  • This step will display all the hidden files/folders.
  • You  have to tap on “Tools” and then select “Folder.”
  • Tap to “View the Tab” and choose “All hidden files and folders.”
  • After the above step, you are required to tap on “Apply all changes.” Hit OK.
  • Right-tap on “Config.msi” and then Rename it.
  • Add “old ^” at the file name end and hit Enter.
  • This will hide and secure the operating system files with all-important hidden files and folders again on the PC.

Method 2: Reinstall via a Clean Installation

Reinstall via a Clean Installation

  • First of all, uninstall the QuickBooks Software.
  • Then, conduct a clean installation of the software.
  • To perform the clean installation, you can choose any of the below given:
  • The first choice is to conduct the installation process directly from the CD drive.
  • The second option is to install the QuickBooks software via a downloaded file (from Intuit’s website).
  • You can install QuickBooks software directly from a CD, it’s convenient.
  • Now download and install QuickBooks programs using a manual guide. If you couldn’t understand the manual guide then you can contact Quickbooks Customer support to get instant help in less time.

Method 3: Use Quickbooks Install Diagnostic Tool

Use Quickbooks Install Diagnostic Tool

  • First of all, you have to reach out to the Intuit website and download the QuickBooks Diagnostic Install Tool.
  • After downloading, choose the “.Exe file” to open the “Diagnostic Tool Installer.”
  • After successfully installing the repairing tool, select any directory to save the downloaded file.
  • Then, you are required to close all the active programs running in the background. 
  • Now reach out to the “Quickbooks Install Diagnostic Tool” and tap on it to begin the scanning.
  • This process will consume 15 minutes to scan and identify the error in the system.
  • After finishing the diagnosis, restart the PC and verify all the important components for QBs are updated.
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Method 4: Repair Registry Tool

Registry Repair Tool

To fix QuickBooks Update Error 1328, it is important to use the registry tool. Let’s start the steps:

  • First of all, you are required to use the repair Registry tool to fix the corrupt/broken entries associated with the Quickbooks application.
  • Use any virus removal tool in order to prevent any malware or infection in your system.
  • Now, you have to remove all the junk files from your system.
  • Uninstall and remove all the outdated PC drivers.
  • Now, restore the latest settings using “Undo Recent System Changes.”
  • Now you are required to uninstall the QBs software (discussed above) and reinstall it cleanly by following the instructions flashed on the screen.
  • Perform a Scan.
  • Open the “Windows System File Checker.”
  • Now, all the crucial updates can be installed.

Method 5: Install QuickBooks Desktop using Selective Startup

Install QuickBooks Desktop using Selective Startup

Many times, when antivirus or antispyware programs threaten the QBs installation process. This is when you are required to install QuickBooks using the selective startup. This step assists in running selective programs on your system. Follow these steps to conclude the process:

  • First of all, hold “Windows+ R” to open the Run page window.
  • Write “MSConfig” in the box and hit OK.
  • Inside the “General” tab, tap on “Selective Startup and Load System Services.”
  • Choose “Disable All.”
  • Untick the checkbox of “Hide All Microsoft Services.”
  • Now select the checkbox of “Windows Installer” under the service list. Hit OK.
  • You have to restart it from the window of system configuration.
You can also try another alternative for restoring the system to the normal configuration.
  • Hold “Windows + R” to access the run page window.
  • Write “MSConfig” in the box and hit OK
  • Inside the “General” option, select “Normal Startup” and tap on OK.
  • Tap on the “Restart” from the window of System Configuration.
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Method 6: Using Windows Update

Update Windows

MSXML, C++, Microsoft .Net are some vital components of Windows that are required to assist QuickBooks function better. The software can’t work appropriately without these  Windows components. So, you must update the operating system from time to time. Here are the steps:

  • The starting step is to reach out to the tab “Start.” 
  • Write “Windows update” in the search box.
  • After that, an icon of “Windows updates” will be flashed on the screen. Tap twice on it.
  • Now tap on the “Check for Updates”.
  • If your system is updated, then no list of options will come on the screen. But in case, the list of options pops up, select it.
  • Restart the PC and verify whether the QuickBooks Update Error 1328 still exists.

Method 7: Fix QuickBooks Update Error 1328 While Updating Point of sale (v18 and v12) to Current Release (r4 and r14)

Fix QuickBooks Update Error 1328 While Updating Point of sale (v18 and v12) to Current Release (r4 and r14)

Important Note: Whenever you try to download the current QuickBooks. You may receive an error message –  “error 1328 and error 2350: FDI host“. It  takes place while updating to the current “QuickBooks Point of Sale V18 or V12”  release but it can’t install the upgrade.

You can easily fix this issue using the two methods mentioned below:

  1. Rename the file to “C:\Config.MSU\PTFB53.tmp” and reinstall the patch.    
  2. Conduct a clean reinstall of POS and update/apply the patch once again.

The FDI server error pops up when the update installer receives a separate QuickBooks version. It can be fixed by tapping on the ignore button continuously until it stops showing up.

Final Words

Hopefully, all the above methods assisted you to fix the Quickbooks Update Error 1328. We hope that article is worthy enough to assist you in fixing this error on your own as we have discussed its symptoms, factors responsible for it, and best ways to fit it. On the off chance, if you need more guidance about any error then we would recommend you to contact Quickbooks client support consultants. The expert team is 24X7 available to assist the users in all scenarios.