Quickbooks POS Support Number: Get Quick Assistance Now

QuickBooks POS Support Number: Get Quick Assistance Now

QuickBooks software was designed by the company Intuit to assist small and medium-sized organizations of all sectors.  QuickBooks Point of Sale (POS) was designed with the intention of removing the old cash register system that was used for tracking sales, vendor as well as customer details, and inventory.  QBs POS has major benefits- Accuracy and Analysis. POS is needed for all business institutions be it big or small or big. 

Entrepreneurs managing the retail or wholesale industry trust POS only to carry their business-related tasks efficiently. Software is related to technology which ultimately indicates that it does face error and technical glitches. Some errors are easy to fix as solutions are available online. But there are some complex errors and doubts for which QuickBooks Point of Sale (POS) Support is required.

Customer assistance is crucial for all kinds of businesses. The point is simple if a company fails to connect with its customers regarding their doubts and queries then it will fail to survive in the competition race. So, holding the customer base is important for the growth of any business. 

In this post, we will read the importance of Customer service, how to obtain QuickBooks POS Support Number and what errors can be fixed under their guidance. Let’s get started. 

Why Do We Need Customer Service? Importance

Technical Support Features

Retains Customers

According to some research, it costs more to attract new clients than to retain existing customers. Satisfied customers tend to become devoted buyers when a company is trustworthy and offers good customer support service. The latest research shows that 60% to 70% of satisfied customers return to make more new purchases.

Creates Endorsements and Brand Reputation

Satisfied customers give positive endorsements and good reviews that can strengthen the brand. A loyal customer is more valuable and determines your brand purchase. According to research people often make buying decisions based on advice from friends and family vs. advertising messages. 

Prevents Business Failure

Many businesses shut their doors within 10-12 years. One of the main factors responsible for this is poor customer service. Customers become annoyed over small issues that are not addressed properly. It is important for a company to establish customer service to follow up on queries.

Community Building

When companies create a platform where customers can interact with one another other raising queries and clearing doubts, it increases the growth of companies.

Intuit QuickBooks POS Support

Intuit QuickBooks POS

QuickBooks software provides Product Support, Sales, Product Updates, Getting Started guides, Training, Feedback, and QuickBooks Community.

  • Product Support: It is the first option on the page of QBs POS which gives you three choices according to your convenience level-  QuickBooks Desktop, QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Online Payroll. The good thing is that the services are for free.
  • Product Updates: It contains a systematic flow chart about the product. A customer can find full details about the updates a company had launched.
  • Sale: You have to tap on the “Contact sales” after which a box will appear on the screen with information and QuickBooks POS Tech Support Phone Number.
  • Training for You: In this section, customers are provided videos, webinars, events, and many other things to enhance their skills.
  • Submit Feedbacks: It allows clients to share feedback and reviews about the company products. Their reviews could be positive, critical, or neutral. 
  • QuickBooks Community: The software has also developed a community where clients and small business owners can share their ideas and tips after joining.

How to Reach QuickBooks POS Support Number?

It is not that hard to obtain a QuickBooks POS Technical Support Phone Number. You just have to follow some steps to reach the team. Have a look:

  • First of all, tap on the “Help” located on the menu bar.


  • From the list available, tap on “Contact Us.”
  • Now, your screen will display – “What can we help you with?” you have to write your doubt or query in that box.
  • After that, tap on “Let’s talk.”

Contact US Page

  • You will be provided two options: ‘Get a Callback or ‘Get the Number’. You can decide any of them as per your choice after few minutes you will get a call from the support team. 

Now, you know how can you contact the support team, but did you ever think when you should call them and for what issues? read below.

When to Dial Intuit QuickBooks POS Support Number?

As we have already mentioned that some errors in QuickBooks software can be fixed by following the solutions available online whereas some errors/glitches are complex that can be fixed by the users having less technical knowledge, so they are recommended to contact QuickBooks POS Support Number to get the best guidance from the support team. 


The technical support team is capable to resolve any errors, we’ve listed these errors to save your time:

  • QuickBooks Point Of Sale Licensing Error
  • QuickBooks POS Store Exchange Error
  • Invalid Product Number Error
  • QuickBooks POS Application Log Error
  • QuickBooks Sync Manager Error
  • Violation Error Message
  • QuickBooks POS Programmatic Error
  • QuickBooks POS Error Message
  • 15270 Error Code

These are just a few out of many errors that can’t be fixed manually by users and require the assistance of the support team. We have not mentioned the ways through which you can resolve these (above) errors, because the team will tell you each and every step to fix the issue on the phone call itself. So, just sit and take a breath!

Ipad POS Support

Ipad POS

One of the major questions asked by QBs users is an Ipad user can also contact QuickBooks POS Support? Well, the answer is YES.

Ipad users can also contact the support team if they encounter any technical error or bug while using QuickBooks. The few major questions asked by Ipad POS users are:   

  • How can the QBs software be set up on my Ipad?
  • Can I customize QBs on the iPad?
  • How can QuickBooks be accessed on the Ipad?
  • What are the steps to make a backup of a QBs POS file on my Ipad?
  • How to connect POS to the QBs software on my Ipad?
  • How can I create POS invoices on my Ipad?

So, don’t worry if you get stuck in an unwanted situation while working on the QBs software, just dial  QuickBooks POS Support Number anytime and get the best guidance from the trained experts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1- What are the Timings to Dial QuickBooks POS Support Number?

A user can contact them anytime from any corner of the world. The support team is available 24×7 to give the best guidance to the users.

Q2- How Can I Reset The Password of the User ID?

If a user has forgotten their password due to multiple reasons, then there is a way to retrieve or reset the ID:

  • Reach out to the Intuit site.
  • Now, tap “Can’t access the account?”
  • Move the cursor and click on “I forgot my user ID.” 
  • Enter the registered email address that you had filled in the first time.
  • You will receive a link on your email by the QuickBooks Customer Technical Support with the user ID.

Final Words

Hopefully, we have explained everything in detail about how you can contact the QuickBooks POS Support Number. The support team is capable to handle all the errors efficiently. All you have to do is contact them via chat/email/live/call. No need to worry about time as the expert team is available 24×7 to help you out. According to many reviews, great customer service facilities are provided by Intuit QuickBooks POS support, and help is provided instantly without wasting much time.