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Download And Install QuickBooks Web Connector- Easy Steps

Searching for simple ways to download and install the QuickBooks web connector? And the setup process of the web connector? So, we are here to assist you by providing all the necessary information related to the QuickBooks web connector. Read the whole article till the end and know about all the required information. 

Firstly, we have to know what is QuickBooks web Connector. The QuickBooks web connector (QBWC) is a Microsoft Window software that enables web services to exchange or transfer their data with QuickBooks products. The web service is located on a web server that is hosted locally or by any hosting service. It is important to have QuickBooks Product and QuickBooks web connectors on the same computer or the same local network. 

Products that Support the QuickBooks Web Connector

This is supported by all the versions and editions of QuickBooks products that are listed below. It is also supported by QuickBooks SDK. According to the QuickBooks web connector, here is the list of all supported QuickBooks products:-

1. Web connector and the latest version

Web connector

  • Canadian editions of QuickBooks (2015 or the latest version)
  • QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions (2015 or latest versions)
  • QuickBooks Pro (2015 or latest versions)
  • UK editions of QuickBooks (2015 or latest versions)
  • QuickBooks Premier (2015 or latest versions)
  • U.S editions of QuickBooks Financial software product. 

2. Web connector and older versions

Web connector

  • QuickBooks Point of sale (v4.0 or later) – QBWC or earlier. 
  • U.S. editions of QuickBooks financial application products.
  • QuickBooks Premier (2002 or later versions)
  • U.K. editions of QuickBooks Pro or Accountant Edition. (2003 or later versions)
  • QuickBooks Pro (2002 or later version)
  • QuickBooks Enterprise solutions.
  • The Canadian edition of QuickBooks Pro, Premier, or Enterprise. (2003 or later versions)
  • QuickBooks simple start (2006 or later versions)

Before Setup the Web Connector 

Steps to do before setup the QB web connector, you have to download and install the QBWC on your system. So, perform all the below-mentioned easy steps to download and install:-

1. Download the software

Follow the below steps for QuickBooks web connector download on your system:-

  • Initially, you have to download the file of QuickBooks Web Connector from the best source. 
  • Now, save the file to default locations that are downloads folders or select the file where you can access them easily. 
  • When the file is downloaded successfully then open the file explorer
  • Then, move to the Downloads to choose the file or the locations where you saved it. 
  • After that, search for the file which you want then click on it. 
  • Now, select the option Extract all files to the folder name. 
  • Lastly, extracted all the files to a folder that can be used. 

2. Install the software

  • When you are done with the extraction of files then install the QB web connector.
  • Then, right-click on the file and tap on Run as Admin. 
  • Now, the install wizard will open up to start the installation process. 
  • After that, follow all the instructions that appear on your computer screen to complete the installation process
  • When it has been done then click on the finish button. 

Steps to Setup QuickBooks Web Connector

web connector setup

Here are some simple steps to set up the QuickBooks web connector so that you can use it to connect with third-party software:-

  • Firstly, open the QuickBooks and log in as Admin. 
  • Verify that you have a .qwc file of third-party software that going to connect. 
  • Then, with the .qwc extension click on the file. 
  • Now, update the web services and then, go to manage the web apps. 
  • After that select the setup from the application that you want to connect. 
  • Then, you go to the website of the application and log in to that. 
  • When you see connect to the QuickBooks option then click on it. 
  • Now, open the QuickBooks application when it is connected. 
  • When it asks for the access confirmation then tap on the Done key. 
  • Finally, the QBWC setup is complete successfully and you can use it. 

How to handle malfunctions during installation?

While installing Web Connector you may face some malfunctions which restrict you to install. So here are the steps that help you to handle the situation:

  • Hold Windows + R on your Keyboard.
  • Then press the Control Panel on the Run window and tap OK.
  • After that, tap on Uninstall a Program option.
  • Now, choose Web Connector to uninstall. 
  • Lastly, if the Web Connector is not showing in Control Panel delete it from the following path:
  1. C:\Program Files(x86)\Common Files\Intuit\QuickBooks\ or,
  2. C:\Program Files\Common Files\Intuit\QuickBooks\
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Some Common Errors of Web Connector in QuickBooks Desktop 

Below is the list of QuickBooks web connector errors in the QuickBooks desktop that you may face and there are the reasons why this error occurs on your system:-

  • QBWC 1005- When it failed to run. 
  • QBWC 1007, 1008, or 1009- when you connect to QuickBooks. 
  • The QBWC 1011- ApplicationName does not exist in the registry. 
  • QBWC 1016- The application was not selected for the updates. 
  • QBWC 1022, 1023, or 1024- when tried to connect with QuickBooks. 
  • The QBWC 1030- If the password is not available. 
  • QBWC 1033- when QB web connector failed to initialize the QBCLog.txt file and did not run. 
  • QBWC 1035- due to exception the Dns.Resolve failed. 
  • When parsing the provided XML text stream.
  • QBWC 1040- when it did not provide a valid username or password.

What is QBWC 1085 Error Code?

error code 1085 web connector

The QBWC1085 error is the most common error of web connectors and it appears due to the issue with log files. The issues are like the log file is missing, corrupted, or damaged. To troubleshoot this issue there are 2 situations when connecting with a third-party application or when you don’t want to connect with a third-party application. 

Causes of QBWC1085:

  • When the log file is missing or lost it is handled by the web connector. 
  • When the installation of QBWC is not done correctly. 
  • If you don’t have the administrative right. 
  • Verify the version of QBWC that is not updated. 
  • When the log file is named QWCLOG.txt file is damaged and not accessible by the web connector. 

Error messages that may display on your screen while starting the QuickBooks account are like:-

  • “QBWC1085: QuickBooks was unable to write to the log file. QuickBooks will open without writing to log file.”
  • “QBWC1085: There was a problem with the log file. QuickBooks Web Connector will continue without the log file.”
  • “Exception Type Error: Unknown name.”

Steps to Fix Error While Installing QB Web Connector

Follow the below-mentioned steps to resolve the errors while installing the QBWC on your system:-

  • Initially, start the Control Panel Windows. 
  • Now, click on the Programs or Programs and Features
  • Then, click on the Program and Features options. 
  • From the list of programs click on the QuickBooks web connector by searching it. 
  • After that, you have to click on the uninstall/change options. 
  • Select uninstall and follow all the instructions. 
  • Lastly, reinstall it again and then do the whole process to verify errors. 

Methods to Resolve QBWC1085 Error

There are two methods to fix the QuickBooks web connector error 1085. Follow the below-mentioned steps correctly according to the issues:-

Method 1- When a data file is not connected to Third-party applications

The work of the web connector is to connect the web-based program to the QB program. Remove the web connector from the startup menu, if you don’t connect your QB program to any third-party program. Follow the steps to remove QBWC:-

  • Firstly, log in to your Windows as an admin.
  • Then, locate the path- C:\ProgramData \ Microsoft \ Windows\ StartMenu\ Programs \ Startup. 
  • In a startup, choose QuickBooks Web Connector. 
  • Now, click on the delete button and restart your system. 
  • Lastly, try to open QuickBooks to verify whether the error is resolved or not. 
 Method 2- When a data file is connected to third-party 
  • In the Windows system, close the QuickBooks and also the web connector. 
  • Then, go to the path- C:\ProgramData \Intuit \QBWebConnector \log. 
  • Now, search for the log file QWCLOG.txt. 
  • Open the file and click on the rename. 
  • After that, add the OLD extension at the end of all file names. 
  • Then, tap on the enter button and turn off the windows. 
  • Now, again open the web connector. 
  • Restart your system again. 
  • Lastly, open QuickBooks desktop and log in to the third party. 

Install QBWC after Removing it to Fix QBWC1085 Error 

reinstall web connector

Follow the steps to again install QBWC after removing it to fix the QBWC1085 error in the QuickBooks account:-

  • Initially, you have to download the QuickBooks Web Connector installer. 
  • Then, go to the location of the download file. 
  • Right-click on the file and select “Extract the file here”.
  • Now, Open the extracted folder by double-clicking on it. 
  • After that, click on the .exe file and click on run or open. 
  • Now, follow all the instructions that appear on the screen to complete the installation process. 
  • Lastly, when the installation is done then continue with the QuickBooks software.
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In this article, we discuss How to Download & Install QuickBooks Web Connector. We hope that the above-mentioned essential information will be helpful for you and get all the QBWC-related information. If you have any other issues or errors then visit our other posts also to know more or troubleshoot them.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What is the QuickBooks web Connector?

QuickBooks Web Connector is a Microsoft Windows application that helps web services to exchange data with QuickBooks Desktop products.

Q2. How do I fix QuickBooks web Connector error qbwc1085?

Here is what you should do to fix QuickBooks web Connector error qbwc1085:

  • Rename the QWCLOG.Txt file.
  • Delete Web Connector from the Startup option.
  • Respond to the Company file with the Third Party.
  • Ensure to Enable QuickBooks Web Connector.

Q3. How do I disable QuickBooks web Connector?

Follow these steps to disable QuickBooks web Connector:

  • Go to the Start option and tap on All Programs.
  • Then hit on Startup and click on Exchange Data with Web Services.
  • Lastly, choose to Delete by clicking on Yes to disable QBs Web Connector.

Q4. What is QBIDPService EXE?

QBIDPService Exe is considered a software component of QuickBooks. It is an online backup service that starts with Windows and coordinates the backup process with the remote server.

Q5. What is QuickBooks company file monitoring service?

QuickBooks company file monitoring service monitors if there are any new or copied QuickBooks update files and make sure to update them in your Company Files with the latest updates.