Quickbooks Error 6189 and 816

Quickbooks Error 6189 and 816: Causes and Proven Solutions

Quickbooks is software used by numerous companies to manage their financial tasks. This software efficiently maintains all the complicated work on its own. It can handle those tasks which may go wrong if an individual is to perform them. Despite all the great features, just like every single thing has some negatives so does QuickBooks. There are instances when you can’t work efficiently on the software. Just assume that you are working on QuickBooks, your system starts halting, devices don’t respond properly, and error code messages pop up repeatedly. Isn’t it irritating? These symptoms indicate that the software has caught an error that is preventing you from completing your tasks.

Quickbooks Error 6189 and 816 are among such errors that occur when QuickBooks attempts to access the company file (-6189, -816). This error can be dangerous for your system as it could lead to data loss and other complications. So, to save you from unwanted situations, we are here to explain to you the symptoms, causes, and troubleshooting methods to fix Quickbooks Error 6189 and 816. 

What are Quickbooks Error 6189 and 816?

Quickbooks error 6189 and 816

Quickbooks error 6189 and 816 is known as run-time error that makes you unable to access a company file in Quickbooks. This error can occur when you try to get access to the multi-user mode in QBs. After receiving this error, your system starts popping up error messages related to Quickbooks errors -6189,-816.

This type of issue indicates that there is no connection established with the accounting data. Of course, this error is inevitable but it can easily be fixed using a few proven solutions. Read this entire informative post to learn all the possible methods that will remove this error forever in less time from the system.

Factors that are Responsible for Quickbooks Error 6189 and 816

Quickbooks error 6189 and 816

Now that you know about the error itself, let’s move on to the part where we will describe various causes of Quickbooks Error 6189 816. Let’s get started.

  • The error takes place when you try to access a QBs company file that is being opened at another computer by another user.
  • A corrupt download of the software.
  • Your system contains temporary, invalid QBs software or junk files.
  • Missing or broken QBs components.
  • Improper installation of the QuickBooks Software.
  • Incorrect entries in the Windows registry.
  • You don’t have the required permission to access the QB file.
  • Virus and malware threats.
  • Restrictions in operations caused by anti-virus software give birth to the error.
  • Contradictions in  Quickbooks organization document (.QBW) and Exchange log record (.TLG).
  • Outdated or pirated windows operating system also causes Quickbooks error -6189,-816. 
  • Issues in QuickBooks hosting process.
  • Missing system drivers.
  • Damaged network data file.

Quickbooks Error 6189 and 816: Signs and Symptoms 

Quickbooks Error 6189 and 816: Signs and Symptoms 

Now the main question is how to identify Quickbooks error 6189 816. Well, we have mentioned a few signs and symptoms you will face after getting this error.

  • An error code appears on your screen related to “Quickbooks error 6189 and 816.”
  • You can’t access the company file.
  • A poor network connection can be witnessed.
  • Windows halts from time to time.
  • The system responds sluggishly.
  • Your PC starts crashing.
  • Input devices don’t function normally.
  • The system fails to respond to the commands.

These are the symptoms that help you identify the error. Now, let’s move on to the part, where we will learn how to fix Quickbooks error -6189.

How can you Fix Quickbooks Error 6189 and 816? Proven Methods

We have mentioned proven solutions to fix Quickbooks errors 6189 and 816. But make sure to apply these methods one by one and after each solution check whether or not the issue is repaired.

Method 1: Restart the System as well as the Quickbooks Server

Restart the system

This is the most straightforward method to resolve the error. Most of the QB’s errors can instantly be fixed by just restarting the system. We will tell you how to carry out the steps. Have a look.

  • First of all, you are required to “Restart” the computer server.
  • Then, reboot the Quickbooks workstation. 
  • Now, tap on Quickbooks Desktop to open it on your system server.
  • After successfully restarting the system server, you need to access the QBs desktop on every server.

Note: It is crucial to know the company file’s hosting location. If you are using the QBs enterprise hosting instead of the server system, you must take proper guidance from an IT expert to assist you with the process.

Method 2: Downloading and Running QuickBooks Tool Hub

run quickbooks tool hub

Quickbooks Tool Hub is the solution to numerous errors and can be used to identify and fix various issues that occur in the QBs software. Let’s learn how to use it.

  • Close each and every Quickbooks application
  • Reach out to the Quickbooks Tool Hub file and download QuickBooks.
  • Save the downloaded file.
  • Tap twice on the file and access it.
  • Tap on the “Install” option.
  • After the tool is appropriately installed, open it by tapping twice on it.
  • Pick out the file that needs a diagnosis. You can simply browse the file from your browser. 
  • After that, tap on “Quick Fix My Program” to scan and repair the file. This scanning and fixing process will consume a couple of minutes. After that, you can easily access the QBs file after resolving the Quickbooks errors 6189 and 816.

Method 3: Using Quickbooks Database Server Manager

QuickBooks Database Server Manager

  • Reach out to the “Quickbooks Tools Hub” and select the tab “Network Issues.”
  • Tap on the Quickbooks Database Server Manager. 
  • The window Quickbooks Database Server Manager will be opened. Now, look for the company file having an error. You can manually browse the company file if you couldn’t find it.
  • Now, you are required to tap on “Start Scan.

QuickBooks DataBase Server Manager

  • After completing the scan, the Quickbooks Database Server Manager will automatically resolve the firewall issues and permissions.
  • Once the scanning is done, you need to tap on “Close.”
  • Reach out to the server workstation and open the QBs Desktop.
  • At last, verify if Quickbooks error 6189 and 816 is fixed.

Method 4: Using Quickbooks Refresher Tool

You can get this powerful tool from Intuit website.  Quickbooks Refresher Tool can easily remove Quickbooks errors 6189 and 816 in just a few minutes. Learn the steps to know how this tool works:

  • First of all, reach out to the Intuit site. Download and install the repairing tool- Quickbooks Refresher tool.
  • Save the file to a directory where you can find it easily.
  • Close all the tabs of Quickbooks and the Desktop versions on the window.
  • Reach out to the Quickbooks Refresher Tool.
  • Now “Run” it.
  • You must run this repair tool for 30-40 seconds.
  • After that, you can work on Quickbooks again.

Although by now, the issue must have been resolved, however, if Quickbooks error 6189 and 816 still bothers you then jump to the next proven method.

Method 5: Transfer your Company Files using a Local Hard Drive

Move QuickBooks to Another Computer

This is an effective way to fix the Quickbooks error 6189 and 816. But before doing that you have to keep in mind a few points.

  • This method is applicable only when the previous methods did not work.
  • Follow this strategy if your company file is kept on a removable drive.
  • It is easy to transfer your company file data from one system to another one. 
  • You can transfer the QBs data to the hard drive of the server system. But, some online file hosting services may show problems in transferring files.  
  • Stop using the removable drivers for keeping transferable data as these are not designed to run Quickbooks software or multi-user mode networks. 
  • Do not encrypt the QBs files on the hard drive as it can permanently block the multi-user network connection.  
Steps to Transfer Company Files:
  • First of all, install Quickbooks Desktop.
  • Create a backup of your company file.
  • Renae your file to identify it easily. Doing this will prevent you from choosing the wrong files.
  • Save the file on your Windows desktop to save yourself from rushing through all folders.
  • Using an “External drive/flash drive“, the company files can be removed to a new system.
  • You can now easily restore the backup on the system.
  • Make sure to update the current payroll tax table. 
  • You can download it after concluding the steps of shifting the company’s file. 

This step will definitely help you but if somehow the error still is still bothering you then jump to the next solution.

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Method 6: Renaming the Transaction Log File (.TLG) and Network Data File (.ND)

Renaming the Transaction Log File (.TLG) and Network Data File (.ND) 

The Network data file and transaction file permit you to function in multi-user mode. If these files get corrupt, broken, or damaged, the QuickBooks Error 6189 and 816 will take place in your system. You can scan and use Quickbooks Database Server Manager to fix the error. But if the error still bothers you then renaming these two files is the only option left. Here are the steps:

  • Reach out to the folder containing your files and tap twice on it.
  • Identify the files having .ND and .TLG extensions.
  • After that, make a right tap on each file and “Rename” them. When you do renaming, make sure to add “OLD” at the end of the files.
  • Then, open the Quickbooks software, and sign in to your file containing the company’s financial data.

We are hopeful that, this step will resolve the error instantly, however, if due to some reasons you could not execute this method successfully, then we would recommend you to jump to the next solution where we will tell you how to use QuickBooks File Doctor to fix Quickbooks errors 6189 and 816.

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Method 7: Using QuickBooks File Doctor

QuickBooks File Doctor

QuickBooks File Doctor is a miraculous repair tool that resolves numerous errors that take place in this software including Quickbooks errors 6189 and 816. Below are the steps to use this repair tool:

First of all, open Quickbooks Tool Hub (downloading and installing steps are already mentioned above.)

  • Now, click twice on the “QuickBooks Doctor File” to open it.
  • Choose the company file containing the error. 
  • Tap on the “Run Quickbooks file doctor.”
  • Now, a scan will start automatically to recognize and fix the error.
  • Reopen the file to verify if the error is repaired or not.

Method 8: Resolving Quickbooks Error 6189 and 816 Manually

Well, if the tools did not help you in fixing the error then it is time to resolve it manually.

  • First of all, you have to look for the transaction log file (.TLG) and then rename it.
  • Verify the user permission provided to QBDataServiceUserXX for the software.
  • Make sure that the QBs files aren’t encrypted.
  • You are required to make a sample (copy) of the QBs file and then paste it into any folder.
  • The ending step is to check if you can open the file, if you can’t access it then shift to the original folder.
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Final Words

QuickBooks errors 6189 and 816 are an issue associated with the company file that not only stops you from accessing the company file via multi-user mode but also decreases your workflow. 

With this informative post, we have explained all aspects to enlighten you about the error, its causes, symptoms, and fixation methods to repair this company file issue. We hope that you were able to rectify the error using the information provided in this power-packed article.

You can get guidance from QuickBooks Customer Support anytime regarding QB issues. The team is 24×7 available to help you out with your query with their best help.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What causes QuickBooks data corruption?

QuickBooks data corruption can happen due to issues in network connection or issues in the installation or maybe some problems with your hardware. 

Q2. How do I fix errors 6189 and 816 in QuickBooks?

Here is what you should do to fix QuickBooks error 6189, 816:

  • Upgrade your QuickBooks
  • Restart your PC.
  • Use QuickBooks Tool Hub.
  • Try to save your company file to the local drive.

Q3. How do I change QuickBooks to multi-user mode?

To change QuickBooks to multi-user mode:

  • Firstly, access the QuickBooks software.
  • Then, tap on the QuickBooks File option.
  • Choose the option Switch to Multi-user Mode.