quickbooks found an error when parsing the provided xml text stream

Quickbooks Found an Error When Parsing the Provided XML Text Stream [Solved]

Are you worried about Quickbooks found an error when parsing the provided XML text stream? Well, then you’re in luck. You couldn’t be in a better place for it than this. We will walk you through the steps necessary to completely eliminate the 0x80040400: Quickbooks found an error when parsing the provided XML text stream.

What you have to do is carefully follow each process. So, without further ado, let’s get right into it.

What Does Quickbooks Found An Error When Parsing The Provided XML Text Stream Mean?

Error Sign

When a post is executed in Quickbooks, “QuickBooks found an error when parsing the provided XML text stream” happens. If the ESC has been linked via direct link, this will take place in the ESC client. If the ESC is attached to the ESC Accounting Server, the message “QuickBooks encountered an error while decoding the supplied XML text source” will appear, and the ESC will hang.

Triggers of Quickbooks Found an Error When Parsing the Provided XML Text Stream

There are many causes for the occurrence of this malfunction. So, let’s find out what they’re all about.

  1. The inclusion of unauthorized characters in the XML data that the ESC sends to Quickbooks is a big cause.
  2. If you copy and paste data from another program directly into ESC.
  3. In the event where you have an invalid symbol.
  4. It can also happen if you use a special character that Quickbooks Desktop does not support.

Now that you understand the origins of -2147220480 QuickBooks found an error when parsing the provided XML text stream, you will be able to keep it from happening again in the future.

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What are the solutions of 2147220480 QuickBooks Found An Error When Parsing The Provided XML Text Stream?

There are two solutions you can use to fix this error. They’re right here.

Solution 1: Change the ESC

choosing save & receive option

  1. To begin, navigate to the Sales menu and select the Invoice List view.
  2. Locate the Unposted Invoices list in the Views column.
  3. Simply list the invoice numbers of all unpaid invoices. The ones you choose to enter into QuickBooks.
  4. Return to the Post to QuickBooks screen.
  5. Each invoice must be posted separately in the File menu.
  6. You must continue to post invoices individually until the error occurs.
  7. This will assist you in determining which invoice contains unauthorized characters.
  8. You can now open the invoice in ESC’s Sales Invoicing screen.
  9. Simply go over – line object one by one.
  10. If there is some document that includes a line item that was copied from somewhere and pasted into the ESC invoice. You will have to remove the text; you can retype the same information manually.
  11. This will delete any secret encoding or characters copied to ESC.
  12. You may also search for unusual characters or symbols that have been used in an item’s description.
  13. After the invoice has been corrected, simply resave the results.
  14. Return to the Post to QuickBooks screen. Post the invoice to QuickBooks from the File menu. The invoice must be updated immediately. Examine the code for the occurrence of the error.

Solution 2: Exclude Unwanted Characters from the XML Stream

  1. You must type %APPDATA% into the start menu’s search bar and hit the enter key.
  2. The Application Data folder would appear on the screen; from the row, pick the ESC folder.
  3. Simply remove the QBXML.log file from the folder now.
  4. You may need to retry posting to QuickBooks.
  5. This could also result in the same error.
  6. Simply press the OK button.
  7. If you use the ESC Accounting Server to bind to QuickBooks, the ESC Client will hang.
  8. To terminate the program, you must use a task manager. It will be restarted later.
  9. When attempting to post, you would have regenerated the QBXML.log in the Application DataESC directory.
  10. Simply open the QBXML.log file and look at the most recent entry.
  11. This will show the transaction that resulted in the error.
  12. In ESC, start the log. Look for some unsavory people.
  13. Simply delete them and re-save the record.
  14. You would have to try again.
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These were the fixes for the bug. Hopefully, you were able to correct this error using our methods. They are undeniably strong and have the ability to correct this error.

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If you are now experiencing this error, it is recommended that you contact Quickbooks customer service. They would undoubtedly assist you in resolving the problem you are experiencing.