Quickbooks Error 15106

Best and Effective Troubleshooting Methods for Quickbooks Error 15106.

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quickbooks support update error 15106

Quickbooks has never been a failure in surprising people with its wide range of features but it does have certain limits and bugs as well and one such error is Quickbooks error 15106. Before jumping into the causes and how to resolve Quickbooks update error 15106, we need to understand this error. 

What is Quickbooks Error 15106? 

Quickbooks update error is generally a payroll update error that shows that the Quickbooks update program has been halted. It pops up with a message:

Error 15106: The update program cannot be opened” or “Error 15106: The Update is damaged”.

Quickbooks error 15106

Reasons Behind the Quickbooks Update Error 15106:

This error can be caused due to a varied number of factors. Some of the causes and factors have been given below:

  • You must not have been logged into the system as an administrator.

Administrator access is a must when it comes to installing a program or updating a program in your system. If you do not have the access to the administrator user account, then the QuickBooks support update error 15106 might pop up.

The steps below have been given on how to check your administrator access in your system:

Step 1: Click on the Start menu.

Step 2: Click on the “Control Panel” and then choose the “User Accounts” option.

quickbooks support update error 15106

Step 3: Now Select “Users”. If “Administrator” is shown or written below your account name and profile picture, then you have been granted full access to the system as the administrator.

  • Quickbooks error update 15106 can be seen if the Spy Sweeper program is running in the Anti-Virus Webroot software as it sees Quickbooks upgrade program as a malware activity. 

The following steps below can be used to check the running of the Spy Sweeper program in the background:

Step 1: Click on the Start menu.

Step 1: Select Task Manager.

Step 2: Now select the “More Details” option.

Step 3: In the “Processes” option, you can find “SpySweeper.exe”.

  • The other cause can be the installed Antivirus program whose firewall sometimes blocks the updates.

Step 1: Open the installed Antivirus program.

Step 2: Now you can check if the antivirus program is blocking the update or not.

Methods to Fix Quickbooks error 15106

1.  Uninstalling Spy Sweeper

Follow the steps given above to check whether the Spy Sweeper is running in the background or not. If it persists in the task manager; then 

  • Click on the Start menu.
  • Open Control Panel and select “Add/Remove Programs”
  • Select the “Spy Sweeper” program

quickbooks update support error 15106

  • Choose it and click on “Uninstall
  • Now follow the on-screen steps to uninstall it.

2. Administrator Login 

Choose another account in your system that grants you administrator access. You can also ask your network administrator to provide you access to the administrator user account. After gaining access, you can try to run the program.

3. Reset Update

If you cannot see the Spy Sweeper error in the system, then you need to reset all the update settings. To reset the update, follow the given steps:

  • Click on Drive C.

quickbooks update support error 15106

  • Select C:\ProgramFiles\Common Files\ Intuit\ QuickBooksxx\ Components
  • Choose the folder downloadqb 
  • Rename the folder to download.old

4. Clean installation of QuickBooks

Follow the steps given below to perform a clean installation of Quickbooks.

  •  Click on the Start menu.
  • Open Control Panel and select “Add/Remove Programs
  • Select the “Quickbooks” program
  • Choose it and click on “Uninstall
  • Now follow the on-screen steps to uninstall it.
  • After successful uninstallation, you need to select the Quickbooks software in your system.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions again.
  • Now, reinstall the software.
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5. Turn off User Account Control (UAC)

By turning off the User Account Control (UAC), you can resolve the issue of QuickBooks support update error 15106. The following steps are given that can be used to turn off User Account Control  for Windows:

  • Hold Windows + R 
  • A Run window will appear.
  • Type Control Panel in it. Now click OK.
  • Under the Control Panel, select “User Accounts” (Classic View)
  •  Select “Change user account control settings”. 
  • Now, change the settings of UAC and turn it off
  • Lastly, restart your system.

Final Words

Quickbooks error 15106 can be efficiently resolved by following the easy steps given above in the article. Still, due to multiple reasons, there can arise a condition of this payroll error not being able to be fixed, you can contact the IT professionals with proper knowledge on QBs.