QuickBooks Error 15243: Ultimate Resolution Guide

QuickBooks is one such software that is able to fulfill all accounting needs. As, you can keep track of your employees, be able to create invoices, or can do online payments. Sometimes you may face errors that are so stressful. These errors are indications that something wrong has been done. QuickBooks error 15243 is one of them which arises when a user is trying to download the latest updates.

We are here to become your personal guide to fix QuickBooks Error 15243. From a basic overview to its causes, symptoms, and solutions, we will assist you in every possible way. Let’s start.

Error Code 15243
Error Message The update of payroll is not able to complete successfully. The QuickBooks FCS file is damaged
Error Occurrence When the user updates QuickBooks payroll and desktop
Error Cause Corrupted FCS (File Copy Service) File
Error Solution Repair the QuickBooks FCS File

What is QuickBooks Error 15243?

QuickBooks error 15243 prevails when users want to download the latest release or when Intuit File Copy Service is not working. It will flash a message “Error 15243 – The update of payroll is not able to complete successfully. The QuickBooks FCS service is damaged”.  Your workflow will get disturbed and you will not be able to complete your work on time.

Factors that Cause QuickBooks Error 15243

The below-written points are the factors that triggered the error 15243 Quickbooks Update to emerge and interrupt the process of payroll update. By keeping these factors in mind, the users can avoid this error in the future as well as help the user resolve the error at ease without any hassle. 

  • When you have an incomplete or improper installation of Quickbooks on your system.  
  • When the FCS (File Copy Service) is not working properly.
  • When a virus or malware corrupted the Windows system file or Quickbooks-related program files.
  • When the FCS (File Copy Service) is damaged.
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Symptoms of Quickbooks Update Error 15243

Symptoms are the indication of an error that a user encountered on the system while working on it.  

  • The QuickBooks support update error 15243 related messages suddenly pop up on the display screen.  


  • The Windows you are working on crashed frequently.
  • The computer operating system starts to act slowly.
  • The system will get a slow response from every input device like the Keyboard and the mouse.
  • The computer freezes frequently after a few intervals of time.

All of these signs are the clue that your system is having an error namely Quickbooks 2013 update error 15243. At first, these signs appear very few, but if you start ignoring these signs repeatedly, the error hits hard on your system and these signs come across your path frequently. 

Measures to Consider Before Starting Troubleshooting 

The user must need go through these two main things before proceeding with the troubleshooting procedure. 

  • Create a Backup of the QB Company File

It is really important to prepare a backup of the company file to avoid any further damage. Below are the steps that you should consider:

  • To begin with, access the QuickBooks software. 
  • Now, go with the following series File menu > Backup Company > Create Local Backup
  • Once done, go through the instructions carefully and create the QB file backup. 
  • Update the QuickBooks Desktop

Updating QuickBooks will bring some other additional features to the software. Follow the steps below to conduct the procedure. 

  • Initiate the closing of the QB application. 
  • Now, press and hold the Ctrl button till the QuickBooks window appears. 
  • Once done, move towards the Help button. 
  • Thereafter, choose Update QuickBooks desktop
  • Consequently, select the Update now button. 
  • Choose to Get Updates. 
  • Finally, hit Close when QuickBooks has updated.

After acknowledging all the factors and symptoms of this error, it’s time to explore the solutions and the different methods to resolve the error 15243 Quickbooks update

Different Methods to Resolve Quickbooks 2013 Update Error 15243   

These are the different methods to resolve the Quickbooks update error 15243 from your system. 

Solution 1: Repair the damage to QuickBooks Desktop

  • First of all, Press the Ctrl+Alt+Delete key on the keyboard together.
  • A new page will arrive, choose Task Manager, to end all of the QuickBooks programs running on the system and go to the next step.
  • Just choose the All applications option on the list that started with the .qb, QuickBooks, or Intuit name.
  • After that hit the End Task option to close all of them together.
  • Now follow the below-mentioned steps to repair the Quickbooks files.
    • Firstly, press the Windows + E key together to open the computer windows.
    • The Windows 8 users just have to click on the Computer tab on your system.
    • Now move further, select the Uninstall/change the program option in the window
    • After that open the QB installation window and hit the Next tab later.
    • Now click on the Repair radio option below.
    • And after that select the Finish option.
    • After completing all the above steps, let’s restart your computer to save the changes on it.

In most cases, this only method resolves the error in the first place but if this method does not work for you then move ahead to try the next method and erase the error 15243 Quickbooks update

Solution 2: Amend Internet Explorer 

  • At first, go to the Internet Explorer browser on your computer and open it.
  • Now click on the icon that looks like a Gear in the Internet Explorer window.
  • Now, select the Internet option there.
  • After that click on the Security tab.
  • Now it’s time to choose the trusted webpage options available.
  • And hit on the Address bar on the top of the web page and then enter the website URL in the provided space.
  • For the US version, enter the .inituite.com and .quickbooks.com
  • For the Canada version, enter the .quickbooks.ca and .intuit.ca


  • After filling up the relevant website URL according to the version,   click on the Close option.
  • And now choose the Apply option and then, click hit on the Ok button.
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Solution 3: Re-Confirm the Subscription of Payroll

  • Go to QuickBooks desktop and select the Employees tab to open it
  • Now go to the My Payroll Service option and click on it
  • After that choose the Accounting/Billing Information.


  • This action will automatically redirect the users to the QuickBooks Payroll Account Maintenance Page.
  • Now the user is required to close the QuickBooks Payroll Account Maintenance page manually.
  • Now it is important to re-confirm or re-validate the payroll subscription in the Quickbooks application, so do it.
  • Once the validation process completes, the user has to try updating the software again.

If the Payroll updating process has started and completed properly without any error then you successfully resolve the Quickbooks support update error 15243 to your system, if not then move to the next method.

Solution 4: Repair the Quickbooks FCS (File Copy Service)

  • First, press the Windows + R key together on your keyboard to open the Run window.
  • Inside the Run window click on the search box and type services.msc and then click on the OK button.
  • Now a list of services will appears on the screen, navigate to the Intuit QuickBooks FCS file, and double-click on it.
  • From now in the Intuit QuickBooks FCS, go to the Properties window
  • Now, select the Manual option for the Startup type.
  • After that click on the OK button and go to the  QuickBooks payroll to open it.

New features of QuickBooks error 15243

Now try to install the Quickbooks payroll, if it is started then congratulations you just erase the error. If not then, do not worry, just go for the next solution to redeem the Error 15243 Quickbooks Update.

Solution 5: Update the Windows to its Latest Release  

  • At first, click on Start Button from the left bottom of the computer screen to open the Menu bar
  • Now go to the search box and type update and hit the Enter key on the keyboard 

Update Windows

  • Now a list appears on the screen, select Windows Update from it. 
  • On the Windows Update page, search for the latest update, If an update is available, click on the Install Updates option to update the Windows.
  • Now the window is updating to the latest release, it will take some time.
  • When the updating process is complete then, restart your system to apply the updates to the system. 

Solution 6: Uninstall and Reinstall Related QuickBooks Program 

This is the last solution that you need to perform if any of the above would not help in fixing the error issue. To conduct it, you have to go through the steps below. 

Windows 8
  • Access the Start menu.
  • Once done, select Programs and Features. 
  • Now, you have to search for the QuickBooks error 15243 associated program from the Program’s list or Name Column. 
  • Head towards the QuickBooks-related entry and tap the same. 
  • Consequently, from the menu option, choose Uninstall / Change. 
  • Get into the online steps for uninstalling the related program of QuickBooks error 15243. 
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Windows 7 & Windows Vista

Windows 7 & Windows Vista users can take help from these steps. You can move below and conduct the procedure. 

  • Begin by clicking on the Start menu. 
  • After that, try to access the Programs. 
  • The user is required to head towards the Menu. 
  • Thereafter, select the Control Panel. 
  • Furthermore, choose Programs. 
  • Search for the program which is associated with QuickBooks payroll update error 15243
  • You can find the program in the name column. 
  • Once done, tap the tab named QuickBooks associated entry. 
  • From the top menu, choose the Uninstall / Change button. 
  • Go through the instructions now and finish the uninstallation process. 


Hopefully, this post will help you out from the situation where you are stuck with the Quickbooks update error 15243 and failed to update the Quickbooks payroll to its latest released update. This post starts with a small description of Quickbooks accounting Software and then landed on the page where the error is described in detail along with the factors and Symptoms. The factors showed up as the reason behind the error while symptoms define the impacts of the error on the system. And then the solutions in the step-by-step guide ease the task for the users.

But in case, if you are unable to perform any of the methods or tried but never succeed to remove the error then you are advised to contact the QuickBooks customer support expert. They are 24X7 available on a toll-free number to listen to Quickbooks users and help them out in every possible situation.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. How do I fix error 15243 in QuickBooks?

  • Recheck your Subscription to Payroll.
  • Repair your QuickBooks “File Copy Service”
  • Upgrade your Windows.
  • Perform Clean Install in Selective Startup.

Q2. How do I fix the QuickBooks file doctor is not working?

  • Use Auto Data Recovery.
  • Disable hosting mode and set up antivirus software.
  • Start QuickBooks file doctor manually.
  • Keep backup of corrupted QBW file.

Q3. How do I defrag a QuickBooks database?

  • Tap on the Windows logo from your keyboard.
  • Press Optimize and choose Defragment and Optimize Drives.