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Quickbooks Point Of Sale(POS) – Customer Reviews, Rating and Pricing

QuickBooks POS (Point of Sale) Software is a feature-rich software interface developed by Intuit, an American software development corporation. Intuit has emerged as a leading tech provider in designing the best accounting software. One of them is QuickBooks Accounting software and QuickBooks Tool Hub. However, in this post, we will only shed light on the QuickBooks Point of Sale system.

The QuickBooks POS framework, including QuickBooks Tool Hub, facilitates QuickBooks integration. QuickBooks is an accounting program that was designed to help small to medium-sized businesses manage their accounting and bookkeeping systems. QuickBooks allows you to quickly monitor company progress, handle bill payments, payrolls, benefit and loss accounts, measure taxes, and set a reminder for upcoming payments. Whenever a user encounters an error in QuickBooks that heckle the job, it is advised that the user first use QuickBooks Tool Hub to address this kind of error. If it’s a network problem, a file problem, an implementation bug, or a program error in your QuickBooks Company file, QB Tool Hub can solve it in no time.

QuickBooks POS is one of a kind that makes users’ lives easier. QuickBooks POS system serves as a central hub for the company. It can track revenue, manage inventory, and, most importantly, keep track of clients. This helps to keep up with their purchases and strengthen the business’s relationship with them. In this analysis session, we will briefly discuss the QuickBooks Point of Sales app. Also its benefits and drawbacks, as well as consumer ratings and reviews. So, let us get right to the point with the first and most important subject. What exactly is QuickBooks Point of sales Software?

QuickBooks POS (Point of Sale Software) Explained

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QuickBooks POS is a retail and scalable point-of-sale device software designed to serve a wide range of small to medium-sized businesses, including small franchises, clothing and shoe shops, sporting goods stores, and so on. POS QuickBooks helps companies handle bill payments, purchases and inventory, staff and time management devices, and many more. Since the device is integrated to manage over 1500 products at a time, a customer can comfortably handle a huge amount of inventories of business at one time using POS QuickBooks.

This also enables the consumer to customize tags and receipts, set and reset discount rates on goods, log layaways, administer loyalty plans, and send shipments through the Shipping Managers modules. This app is also smartphone-friendly, allowing users to use it on either Android or iOS devices. This brings another level of compatibility to the enterprise since the customer can access their company profile at any time, whether they are at home or not.

QuickBooks POS System Varieties

According to the user’s specifications and desires, there are two forms of QuickBooks POS accessible.

On-Premises Cloud-Based On-Site Services

With On-Premises POS, users can access the downloaded version on the QuickBooks POS device via PC, desktop, Android Mobile, or iOS, depending on their needs. The customer just needs to buy the POS Software from Intuit’s official website and then import and update it by following the instructions.

Cloud Computing Based

A cloud-based POS system is accessible from any platform through the internet. You do need a decent internet link on your computer to use the POS scheme, and you’re good to go.

QuickBooks Point of Sale Salient Features

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We’ve learned about QuickBooks Point-of-Sale software and its various styles, but what features it offers its users is a must-know subject. QuickBooks POS offers a variety of features for integrating QuickBooks accounting software, allowing businesses to thrive in the industry. Any of the most important features that QuickBooks online POS offers their customers are as follows:

Credit Payment Methods

QuickBooks POS is useful for handling currency, credit, and debit card purchases. The app can endorse and accept all major debit and credit cards, including master cards, RuPay cards, Visa, Discover, and American Express. The entire card payment process is completely integrated with the dashboard, allowing the customer to keep an eye on the transaction to prevent mistakes. The QuickBooks Online POS system supports EMV and other secure payment technologies, making debit and credit card transactions more secure and safe for the consumer and their clients.

Integration of QuickBooks Desktop

The POS framework provides the user with the QuickBooks Desktop Integration feature, which allows all transactions to be securely migrated to the QuickBooks Desktop. The POS System and QuickBooks Desktop work together when you connect the POS QuickBooks to the system and the data is instantly synced with the accounting app, saving users time in entering ales-related details.

Management of Sales Transactions

The user can enter sales data into POS QuickBooks in a variety of ways. To use this function, the user may either use the barcode scanner to connect new objects to bills or manually enter the data into the device. By inserting coupons and offers on merchandise and consumer details directly at the POS, the user can save a significant amount of time.

Inventory Control

The POS framework allows the user to automatically control the inventory. This functionality is only open to Pro and Multi-store customers who have upgraded to the premium edition. The device automatically updates the stocks after each selling transaction with this feature. This is a handy function that displays the available inventory to their customers at all times and also shows the most challenging and least demanding inventory on the list. A consumer can upgrade and change their goods to better suit their consumers using the critical details provided by POS QuickBooks.

Management of Customer and Rewards Programs

Managing clients is the most hectic and challenging task that a company can face. However, with QuickBooks Online POS, users can conveniently manage their credit customers as well as their loyalty plans. This system would include basic information about each credit customer, including their available credit balance, due number, and other details.

Management of Loyalty Programs

The QuickBooks POS framework enables users to control loyalty services. Users will use this program to reward their best buyers with personalized discounts and limited-time sale receipts, which can also be generated through the POS framework. The user will also monitor and control the discounts provided to customers through the dashboard.

QuickBooks Point of Sale Hardware

QB POS Accessories

There is certain physical components/hardware added to the POS device that improves the work’s compatibility. What hardware is useful for your job would depend on your needs and requirements. Here are some of the physical components or hardware that are needed to support POS QuickBooks.

Barcode Scanner

barcodescanner for quickbooks pos system

The barcode scanner, in my experience, is one of the most practical innovations for the accounting and balancing industry. With the assistance of a barcode scanner, you can transfer objects easily. Additionally, the clients would be pleased with the shorter checkout times.

When a barcode scanner is combined with QB POS, it can perform amazing feats. It improves the overall workflow and is extremely useful when billing a large order.

Receipt Printer

receipt printer for qb pos

Yeah, the times have changed. Even in this modern age, some consumers choose to get traditional paper copies of receipts. As a result, you can integrate a receipt printer with your QuickBooks Point of Sale app for them. This will allow you to welcome a wide range of customers.

It is simple to link the printer to any device. You only need a USB port to attach it to and a roll of receipt paper to print the receipt.

Cash Drawer

cash drawer for quickbook point of sales software

Cash drawers are also commonplace in supermarket establishments. This is due to the fact that money or cash can be sorted, separated, and serialized based on the value of the currency. It also aids in keeping track of purchases.

When synchronized with the QuickBooks POS cash drawer, a cash drawer will outperform the overall elegancy of dealing with cash. By the end of the day, you will have a complete accounting of all transactions.

Wireless Barcode Scanners

wireless barcode scanners

Retailers who despise wired barcode scanners will be surprised to learn that QB POS supports, or, to put it another way, comes with the ability to connect wireless barcode scanners. You can now say goodbye to wired barcode scanners.

Since they are Bluetooth-enabled, wireless scanners have simplicity and freedom. This means quicker checkouts at the register.

Pole Displays

pole display for quickbooks

Pole Displays are solely for the purpose of increasing consumer loyalty. They will verify and total the total sum to be billed before receiving the invoice. This boosts the store’s reputation. Isn’t that the most important thing?

Pole displays are unique in that they do not need an extra power source and can be combined with QuickBooks POS. They even have a neon screen that lights up the screen. They can be tailored to various angles.

Pin Pad

POS Machine

Obviously, in this modern era, everybody uses their debit or credit card to complete the payment. So definitely a pin pad machine is a must that you must process with the QuickBooks POS. It stitches the nine and saves time.

A pin pad machine is a handy tool that is a necessity during peak hours. You can avoid long long queues at and make things faster.

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QuickBooks POS System Models Available

QuickBooks point of sale with accessories

POS QuickBooks offers three versions for users to install the system on their PC, laptop, or a smart device and incorporate the Quickbooks accounting program to make their business function easier. The great thing about the POS scheme is that the customer just needs to order it once and that it even offers a 30-day free trial. The prices of POS software vary depending on the edition.

  1. POS Basic Edition
  2. POS Professional Edition
  3. Multi-Store POS Version

POS Basic Edition

The basic edition of POS QuickBooks has a plethora of features that can help you run your company efficiently and effectively. It is for sale at a cost of $1200. It enables the consumer to

  1. Keep an eye on revenue.
  2. Clients are tracked, inventory is managed, and discounts, returns, store credits, and gift cards are issued.
  3. Make a customized report
  4. Include images of inventory objects.
  5. Transferring data to QuickBooks Accounting applications

POS Professional Edition

The Pro edition of POS costs $ 1700 and has all of the features of the Basic version as well as some additional ones.

  1. Inventory in Advance
  2. Automatic Purchase Tracker for Work Orders and Sales Orders Reward and Loyalty Services
  3. Tracking of hours and revenue commissions
  4. Manages payroll and staff
  5. Capabilities for advanced reporting
  6. Customer management is a communications feature that allows you to easily advertise to your customers.
  7. Simple mailing list and label development.

Multi-Store POS Version

The POS multi-store edition contains all of the functionality of the Basic and Pro models, as well as some more specialized features to increase consumer convenience and usability. It is priced at $1900. These characteristics are as follows:

  1. Manages several shops One device can support up to 20 locations.
  2. Analyzes sales and inventory statistics based on shop location.
  3. Get an outline of multi-store centralized news.
  4. Keep track of inventory transfers between stores.

Customer Reviews on QuickBooks Online POSĀ 

Many consumers find QuickBooks online POS useful for their businesses, but they have also found certain drawbacks that are difficult to bear. Let’s take a look at all of the good and negative QuickBooks POS device ratings.

Positive Feedback for POS QuickBooks

These are the positive consumer reviews that make the POS scheme appealing to them.

Ease of use

The most comprehensive thing is the ease of use; the task of using a POS system is comparatively easier than that of any other system, with a slight learning curve.

Fee Structure That Is Constant

The second most favorable review is for the POS System’s fixed-rate arrangement, which is also a one-time charge. There are no other additional charges or monthly payments.

Feature Variety

The following favorable review is for the features that QuickBooks Point of Sales provides its customers. Also in the simplified edition, there are several advanced features that assist the company is growing rapidly. The QuickBooks POS System is more appealing to consumers because of the petty cash processing, personalized reports, built-in report templates, and hardware modules.

Negative Review of QuickBooks Point of Sale

People often find QuickBooks POS to be unconvincing and to have shortcomings that need to be addressed in order to get more positive feedback.


The first and foremost negative review is about the POS QuickBooks’ high cost in comparison. The high price would not fit into any user’s budget, leaving a bad impression of the scheme.

Inadequate Customer Service

Another complaint is about the customer service. Many users encounter several problems when using the POS system or installing it, and they ask Customer Support for assistance, but they are unable to obtain a timely resolution. This can be redeemed soon to change a poor consumer rating to a favorable one.

Bugs in the Software

Users from e-commerce platforms have encountered problems when using the QuickBooks POS program framework, discovering that the system is not flawless and fails many times while in use. This may be due to hardware parts attached to the device. Another disadvantage is that many users bill extra pennies for customer interaction when handling problems.

Final Thoughts

QuickBooks Point-of-Sale is a powerful and reliable device built on traditional point-of-sale and incredible functionality. Intuit, the creator and marketer of QuickBooks accounting software, recommends this platform for small and medium-sized businesses. The QuickBooks online POS’s basic interface makes it simple to use and for non-technical people who have never used a computer before. In POS QuickBooks, both on-premises and cloud-based deployment options are open.

It has three paid versions: Basic, Pro, and Multi-user. Each version has a one-time payment option and no additional costs. If the standard edition has payment collection, revenue accounting, personalized reports, petty cash management, and return, refunds, credits, and gift receipt functionality. The customer is advised to purchase the Pro or Multi-User Version for the advanced features.

The POS system’s price is slightly high. This can be ignored due to the functionality that the POS system provides to its customers. It is a versatile platform. for managing the company’s entire sales and procurement scheme. In the multi-user version, the user can handle up to 20 stores in multiple locations at the same time with one device.

Hopefully, you found the above-mentioned analysis approachable and relevant to your needs. Also, you have a 30-day testing session. If there is something that has blown your mind to use it or if you want to learn how to use the POS System’s functionality, then you must take the 30-day trial. It is completely free of charge of any sort.